Aaron Meyer ##Photo provided

Q&A: Aaron Meyer

Rock violinist answers OWP

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Woot! Woot!

OWP marks 400th edition


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Carrie Sumner and Marcel Bühler of Domaine Des Enfants. ##Photo provided

Toy Story

French winemaker sends playful blend to her native Oregon


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Nick Stock. ##Photo provided

Q&A: Nick Stock

Australian wine pro talks Oregon tasting

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Oregon Solidarity winery prinicpals, winemakers and growers. From left: Amy Anderson, Villa Novia Vineyards; Laura Lotspeich, Pheasant Hill Vineyard; Taylor King, King Estate; Jim Ball, Five Tollers Vineyard; Brent Stone, King Estate; Ryan Johnson, King Estate; Ed King III, King Estate; Joe Ibrahim, Willamette Valley Vineyards; Christine Clair, Willamette Valley Vineyards; Michael Moore, Quail Run Vineyards; Justin King, King Estate; Leon Pyle and Cathy DeForest, Maison Tranquille; Mike Anderson, Villa Novia Vineyards; Ray Nuclo, King Estate; and Joe King, King Estate.

A Conscious Community

Building business through the lens of the Oregon wine industry


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Winemaker Alex Neely of Libertine Wines with his friend, Jerry. ##Photo by Michael Alberty

Troy Patterson, Don’t Drink This

Libertine concocts goofball beverage defying convention


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The Gathering

Non-fan food for thought


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Terry Hoage ##Photo provided

Q&A: Terry Hoage

Former NFL player talks winemaking

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California Punchline

A glass of wine is not an experience


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Wine Without Borders

Complicated shipping compliance hinders country’s wine market


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Steven Spurrier in 1981 at his Paris wine shop – Les Caves de la Madeleine.

Q&A: Steven Spurrier

British wine icon talks IPNC and books

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Slowing Up

Aesop fable apt for today’s harriedness

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Pat Spangler. ##Photo by Michael Alberty

From Oregon, With Love

Passion for Chianti unites two wine valleys


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Total Airhead

Elemental joy in the Oregon breeze


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Taking a Bath

Rookie mistakes made by winery masters


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Philippe Girardet

Last Call: Philippe Girardet

A quick chat with Umpqua Valley pioneer

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Jon Larson (left) and Boyd Pearson of Redolent Wine Co. ##Photo provided

Brother of a Winning Combo

Burgundy and Piedmont split the difference in the Willamette Valley

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Thanks, Elena

This editor’s note is dedicated to you

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Ross and Bee Maloof moved from the East Coast to make wine in the Willamette Valley. ##Photo by Michael Alberty

Maloof Sparkles in the Shadows

Could ancestropetnoise become the new rage?

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Cathrine Todd ##Photo provided

Q&A: Cathrine Todd

OWP chats with Dame Wine blogger

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Are There Rocks in My Wine?

A down-to-earth examination of “minerality” 

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