Setting the Record Straight

Oregon’s 2007 Pinot Noirs are true to form and tasty with food

Farewell to a Mentor, a Friend

Arnold Kohnert (1922–2009)

Exploring Price Perception

Study’s tasters rate wine quality when told its price, or not

Finding the Write Key

To find the right music, I think I need first to look at individual songs. It would be fun if they were wine-related. Let me see what I can find.

Staying a LIVE Vineyard

Organic, biodynamic or LIVE? What makes most sense?

DNA Could Foil Phonies

NYC firm develops label encoding to test for wine authenticity

August Heats Up, Goes Green

Summer has definitely heated up. As I write this letter, it is 100 degrees outside and, except for the few masochists, everyone looks melted, like uncomfortable versions of themselves.

Looking Back at a Busy 2009

As you turn the pages of this issue, you will notice some of our departments are missing—Value Picks, Wine 101, Commentary and so on. No worries. They will be back in February.

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Reader Refutes Guest Writer’s Claim

I am not directly involved with winegrowing but I am an avid wine drinker, a supporter of Oregon wines and an interested reader of your publication. I couldn’t help but notice the glaring falsehood that was stated in the guest column by Evan Bellingar in the August 2009 Oregon Wine Press.

Biodynamic Benefits

Kevin Chambers challenges last month’s guest column

Dueling Wine Dudes

Portland restaurant sommeliers put to perfect-pairing test

Salivating with Excitement

Before you read this issue of the Oregon Wine Press, you may want to find a napkin, because I have feeling you will salivate; and this ink will smudge when wet.

A Double-Edged Sword

Top reviewers have the potential to make or break a winery

An Unserene Scene

Litigation between a noted winery and former winemaker uncharacteristic of close-knit Oregon industry

Gathering Grapes and Stories

The leaves are turning, the weather is cooling, and I couldn’t be happier. While I do enjoy sunshine on my face and garden-fresh tomatoes, I am always grateful when the summer ends and fall begins.

Oregon Wine: Now More than Ever

Our state offers a rich sense of place, personality in every bottle

Pinot Gris vs. Pinot Grigio

Popular white differs widely between Oregon and California

Thanks Be to Wine

I am so grateful November is here and the mad hours that made up October are in the past. In Oregon, most wineries worked long hours this crush to bring in what looks to be a bumper crop of great proportions.

Drunk on Mare’s Milk

Kumis: Mongolia’s fermented beverage of choice

The Locals’ Vintage

Why Oregon’s 2007 Pinot Noirs are some of my faves, seriously

A Date with Doon

America’s most outspoken winemaker writes irreverent, insightful and immensely entertaining book
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