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My Dog Nose - Sip & Sniff - Week 2.

Did you know that sniffing helps your dog be calm & focused?
Join us at the beautiful Oak Knoll Winery for week 2 of a 4-week class.

This class teaches you to support your dog in tapping into her/his strongest sense: Smell.

A full 12.5% of a dog’s brain is dedicated to olfaction. That’s why dogs can sniff out explosives & narcotics detection, and excel in search & rescue.

We use the same techniques to start your dog off on becoming a master sniffer. And in the process, equip your dog with a valuable skill for self-soothing in stressful situations.

* Bring your stinkiest high value treats that your dog loves, especially ones that she/he found really reinforcing during Week 1.

* 1 free wine flight included with each class at Oak Knoll Winery
Here are the discount codes:
4-week package OAK-4
1-week OAK-1

Fee: $37

Where you can enjoy your 2 favorite things in one place .... Dogs and Wine

Oak Knoll Winery
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