PDX Urban Wineries

As the Oregon wine scene matures, some Portland winemakers are opting out of the commute and into making wine closer to home. This is definitely true for the eight winemakers who are a part of PDX Urban Wineries.

Members of this intimate group crush grapes and make wine in Portland from a variety of winegrapes grown throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Focus? Our primary focus is the promotion of our wineries and winemakers committed to making wine in the City of Portland.

Identity? Our location is not about a grapegrowing environment that surrounds us. Our location is about our desire to live, work, play and do business within city limits.

Varieties? Because none of our wineries are tied to a specific vineyard, we bring in grapes from all over Oregon and Washington. Pinot Noir still remains the predominant wine produced among the group; but we work with nearly 20 different varieties.

Collaboration? Our group is newly formed within the past year and a half. We came together as a collaborative group of winemakers looking to increase the knowledge and visibility of all of us making wine in the city.

Challenges? Our biggest challenge at this point is growth, which is a good problem to have. There are a lot of people making the move to urban wine production. Our marketing materials regularly go out of date because we are adding new wineries to our list.

Marketing? We promote our group through our website, mailing list, Facebook and Twitter. Social media is definitely important to us. We also partner and advertise with local organizations such as Travel Portland and


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