Gathering Grapes and Stories

By Hilary Berg, OWP Managing Editor

The leaves are turning, the weather is cooling, and I couldn’t be happier. While I do enjoy sunshine on my face and garden-fresh tomatoes, I am always grateful when the summer ends and fall begins.

For many, autumn signals a time for mellowing—a cool-down, to catch your breath from a hectic summer schedule. But out here in Oregon Wine Country, the bustle is just getting warmed up.

Wineries are abuzz with activity. Harvest is here, which means, once again, I am on my own. My husband will be up to his eyeballs in fruit and covered in grape juice for the next several months. Best if I leave him to his work; and me, to mine. That’s OK, though; we are quite busy here at OWP.

In this month’s cover story, Kerry Newberry writes about the relationship between Japan and the Oregon wine industry. There are so many layers and pieces to this puzzle that it is best if I stop here and refer you to the article. {Courting Japan}

The second feature, written by Leah Jorgensen, is all about Oregon’s growing passion for cultivating Italian wine. While Oregon’s largest city, Portland, has been a huge consumer of Italian wine for more than 20 years, it has not been the focus of viticulture—except for a handful of vineyards. Now, wineries are crafting more and more Italian-style wine and with much success. Note: The story will leave you craving pasta and pizza. {La Dolce Vita}

In the Food & Wine department, OWP has compiled recipes from winery kitchens across the state. Harvest is a time for grapes and wine, naturally, but it is also about good food and feeding the crews that toil in the fields and cellars. After years of wineries serving these dishes to hungry workers, I am confident that each recipe is a winner. {A Feast Fit for a Crew}

In Wine 101, writer Riggs Fulmer explores the topic of record keeping. At first glance, you may think this a boring subject, but after reading the article, I was amazed at the subject’s complexity. The story examines the history, but mainly focuses on the current technology available to winemakers and staff. {Going on the Record}

Throughout the issue, you will find many more valuable articles. Of course, it wouldn’t be the OWP without an extensive Calendar of Events . Check it out, and come on out. The drive, I promise, will be stunning this time of year.

Fall is here. The leaves are turning. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

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