Red Hill Douglas County

History: The Applegate and Scott families, pioneers of Southern Oregon, settled at the foot of Red Hill in the mid-1800s. Jesse Applegate planted Douglas County’s first established vineyard in Yoncalla in 1876.

Location: Red Hill Douglas County is a sub-appellation of the Umpqua Valley near the small town of Yoncalla, which lies about 30 miles north of Roseburg and parallels Interstate 5. It encompasses 5,500 acres and is a single-vineyard AVA — one of just a few in the country — with Red Hill Vineyard planted to 220 acres of vines.

Climate: Red Hill Douglas County has a relatively mild climate, with daytime averages of 75°F during growing season (as opposed to regions farther south that can experience highs of 105°F). The marine influence reaching this area also provides a wetter climate than the surrounding Umpqua Valley area. Thanks to its higher elevation, the area generally enjoys a frost-free growing season.

Soils: The AVA is dominated by iron-rich, red volcanic Jory soils, which were formed from ancient volcanic basalt and consist of silt, clay and loam.

Topography: Elevation in this area ranges from the 800-foot contour line to 1,200 feet, the maximum elevation for quality grape production. Geologically, Red Hill is part of the Umpqua Formation, which is composed of basalts similar to the volcanic rocks on the Pacific Ocean floor. It has many rising domes that give it an undulating appearance.


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