Virtual Tour Launches

Interactive, virtual media directory and map system is in final development stage

Click for more information about Wineries 360. — an interactive, virtual media directory and map system created by Portland-based software company and virtual media innovator Visiting Media — is in the final stages of developing an Oregon project in partnership with Oregon Wine Press (OWP).

Visiting Media, led by project director Ben Powers, captures hundreds of 360-degree images from wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants and lodging facilities, compiling them into a statewide virtual media tour and directory using a new technology called TrueTour™. 

“The Oregon section of the Wineries360 will be an online and mobile landing place where Oregonians and visitors from all over world can virtually teleport into some of the state’s most compelling wine country locations, view 360 degrees, rotating interior and exterior images, view images, watch videos and interact with the industry and industry special offerings,” Powers said. “And there will be a multiplier effect when the Oregon Wineries360 project is featured in other Visiting Media projects as well as promoted by a number of existing regional and national partners, including OWP.

“Oregon Wine Press, a statewide magazine and website published by the News-Register Publishing Co. of McMinnville, was a natural media partner and reseller for the project and our innovative tools,” Powers noted.

Powers and OWP Publisher Jeb Bladine, after several months of discussion in early 2014, crafted a project capitalizing on the strengths of both companies.

“TrueTour technology, developed by Visiting Media, provides businesses with a unique sales and marketing tool that takes viewers beyond the confines of a traditional, static virtual tour,” Bladine said. “And OWP, with development of new print mapping and online directory services, provides a promotional platform that complements Wineries360 and provides a great deal of added value to Wineries360 members.”

Soon, Oregon Wineries360 participants will be featured in a centralized national online directory maintained by Visiting Media ( and an online directory at In addition, participants will be listed within a monthly display in OWP’s print publication promoting the Wineries360 project, providing texting links to the TrueTour displays. OWP’s searchable online directory will feature those displays and additional information about featured businesses.

Powers is quick to point that Wineries360 will be the world’s first interactive virtual media directory and map system for any winegrowing region.

“As businesses integrate the TrueTour™ system into their online, print and daily marketing efforts and vigorously leverage this new tool internally, they are also working to promote the region and this project,” Powers said. “Our technology makes it much easier for organizations to all rise together toward a common goal by simply running their businesses.”

Bladine explained how the TrueTour™ platform can become a sales and marketing tool used on websites, Facebook pages and print advertising to draw more eyes to the unique look and amenities of participating businesses. It will also help businesses unite to promote regional events.

Wineries360 participants can also join together in a group of 10 or more to qualify as a sub-project.  Visiting Media is currently working with groups, including The Heart of the Willamette Wineries Association, City of Carlton, City of McMinnville, a number of AVAs and others business groups to attract visitors and traffic in their direction.  

For more information about Wineries360, contact Dan Shryock at the Oregon Wine Press, 503-687-1244,  or visit

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