Trick to Treats

Pairing Halloween candy and wine

Cherry  Mash + Port-style Pinot

The Cherry Mash Bar is not for poseurs. This Midwest working-class candy was a favorite of doughboys returning from WWI. It is the one-eyed Jim Harrison of candy. Its soft maraschino-flavored nougat center is encased in a chocolate shell filled with chopped, roasted peanuts. Freeze one and gnaw on it while shooting pool and quaffing Biggio-Hamina’s Ruby Riserva Port-style (19% ABV) Pinot Noir. —Michael Alberty

Whatchamacallit + Chardonnay

The Whatchamacallit remains one of the most iconic candy bars of my childhood. Remember those MTV-style ads they ran during Saturday morning cartoons? The caramel and peanut-flavored crisps pair remarkably well with oaked Chardonnay. The buttery notes in the wine really bring out the toasty flavors in the candy. The chocolate coating satisfies with just the right amount. —Sophia McDonald

Kit Kat + Sauternes

The flavors and textures of the Kit Kat’s biscuit and milk chocolate harmonize perfectly with the membrillo and redolent golden raisin aroma of Sauternes. A late harvest Oregon Riesling or Gewürz would also pair really well with the candy bar’s light, crispy and crunchy texture. The wine’s high acidity provides a piquant punch on the palate to counteract its syrupy mouthfeel. Pure mind-altering, tooth-rotting pleasure. —Peter Szymczak

Good & Plenty + Syrah

Good & Plenty dates to the 1890s, but it reminds me of excellent Halloween outings in the early ’90s. I suppose I had an evolved palate, as I was seemingly the only kid on the block who appreciated the anise-flavored core of these capsule-shaped candies. Pairing isn’t entirely straightforward, but it’s never any fun when it is. Play off the sweet black licorice notes and try a handful with a Rogue Valley Syrah. —Mark Stock

Red  Vines + Pinot Noir

As a child, I recall biting off the crimped ends of my Red Vines and using them like a straw in my Dr. Pepper. As a grown-up kid, I still imagine using them like a straw, but this time dipped in a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir. The fruit flavors practically mimic each other, while the wine’s acidity balances the sweet, chewy candy. You can call it gauche, but you know you want to try it. —Tamara Belgard

York Peppermint Pattie + Pinot Noir

In a pillowcase full of Halloween candy, York Peppermint Pattie stands out. Unlike its milk-chocolate counterparts, the mint wafer cuts a cool, lean, dark-chocolate figure. Forget chunky Baby Ruth or lactose-laden Milky Way. York Peppermint Patties jolt even the most jaded candy lover with its jaunty, mint insouciance. Paired with the bramble-fruited 2016 Domaine Nicolas-Jay Pinot Noir, the candy takes post-prandial treats to a nuanced new level. —L.M. Archer

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