Strawberry Kisses

Savor Oregon’s sweet summer fruit

E.Z. Orchards

When local strawberries arrive in late May, the staff at E.Z. Orchards starts slicing. In June, the Salem country market’s Shortcake­ Stand creates the timeless treat using handmade biscuits, vanilla ice cream, sweet strawberries and fresh whipped cream. In July, try the shortcake with mixed berries, and in August, juicy peaches. Milkshakes, floats and more also showcase the featured fruit. www.ezorchards.com 

Alchemist’s Jam

Alchemist’s Jam knows how to combine ingredients for a special eating experience. The McMinnville company’s bestseller, Strawberry Lemon Ginger, mixes sweet, zesty and bold notes that will have you searching the label for a magical ingredient. All you will find is strawberry, lemon, lemon zest, ginger, sugar and pectin. Simple, yes, but complex on the palate. www.alchemistsjam.com 

Doe Donuts

Doe Donuts, Portland’s women-owned, vegan donut and ice cream shop, embraces creativity and quality when it comes to its fresh fare. The namesake donut, Doe!, is the perfect example: Topped with sprinkles and a strawberry milk glaze, this raised donut checks all the boxes: flavor, texture and pretty on a plate. Non-vegans, please take note: These donuts are seriously delicious. www.doedonuts.com 

Blue Raeven Farmstand

Blue Raeven Farmstand remains a rite of passage for Northwest pie enthusiasts. The strawberry-rhubarb is one of the Amity business’ most popular seasonal offerings. The sweet strawberries — harvested in June from the property and local farms — balance the tartness of the ruby rhubarb. But the flaky, buttery crust is the main reason to stop, shop and scarf. www.blueraevenfarmstand.com 

Kelly’s Jelly

Kelly’s Jelly can stand the heat. In fact, the Lake Oswego kitchen likes to turn it up with its line of pepper jellies. The Strawbanero, a combination of Oregon strawberries and fresh habañeros, won a 2014 Good Foods Award. Try the versatile condiment with fine cheese, slathered on candied bacon or even spread on an updated peanut butter and jelly sandwich. www.kellysjelly.com 

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