Small Things

Sunny side up in the middle of winter

By Hilary Berg

The sun’s shining, a remarkable event considering the deluge of rainfall this winter. The break in the clouds is a break I sorely needed.

It’s been so long since the sun has shined, I’d forgotten what the star even looked like or how it felt to stand in its glow. But, I am reminded today, and it feels so wonderful.

The sunshine seems a tiny victory in a time of such hardship, sickness and divisiveness, nonetheless, it’s a triumph. I’ll take it.

I believe life is all about the “small things.” One of my favorite quotes — by Danish-French painter Camille Pissarro — says it best: “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

I come from such a place: Kansas. It is a beautiful state. Most of you probably never considered it picturesque; many call it a fly-over state. But for those who appreciate the simplicity of its landscape — windswept prairies and uninterrupted views of the kaleidoscopic sky — I hereby declare you a kindred spirit and a genuine seeker of the “small things.”

The world needs more of you. More humility, openness, tolerance, inclusivity. Less bravado, snobbery, bullying and judgement.

With more simplicity and gratitude, and less “keeping up with the Joneses,” we are able to focus on what’s really important — in other words, what you or the neighbors’ money cannot buy.

Today, for me, it’s the sunshine, the vitamin D in ray form, the walk I’ve planned after finishing this letter.

Like I said, it’s the “small things.” Here’s to uncovering more. Cheers!

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