Season for Saké

Warm up with SakéOne’s house and import bottles

Visit SakéOne, Oregon’s only saké brewery, to learn more about  the process and to sample these and other sakés, including cocktails.

Tasting Room: 820 Elm St., Forest Grove
Hours: Daily, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 503-357-7056

Momokawa Diamond

Earthy slate with a hint of sweet anise tingle the nose. Once it hits the tongue, a crisp salinity refreshes the palate with notes of pear and cucumber. Hints of white pepper and anise makes for a spiced finish.

Food Pairing Spicy poke salad over jasmine rice.
Category/Style: Junmai Ginjo
Milling/Polish: 60%
Alcohol: 14.8%
300ml: $7
750ml: $14

Momokawa Organic Junmai

Sweeter than Momokawa Diamond, it’s also a lighter taste experience. Aromas of lemongrass, white grape and a light cool mint waft from the glass, while watercress, coconut and light pineapple mingle on the palate, ending with a hint of cola.

Food Pairing: Kalbi (Korean-style short ribs)
Category/Style: Junmai Ginjo
Milling/Polish: 60%
Alcohol: 14.8%
300ml: $8
750ml: $15

G Fifty           

What you notice first about this saké is the smell cantaloupe and honeydew with an earthiness like a freshwater spring through a grassy field. The honeydew carries over to the palate and evolves into the taste of Honeycrisp apple, lime zest, lychee and a light minerality.

Food Pairing: Honey Sriracha Buffalo wings
Category/Style: Junmai Ginjo Genshu
Milling/Polish: 50%
Alcohol: 18%
350ml: $14
750ml: $25

Moonstone Asian Pear

Forget your misconceptions of “flavored” alcohol. This saké not only tastes like a pear at perfect ripeness, it even has a similar mouthfeel. For a refreshing beverage, mix with equal parts dry ginger beer.

Food Pairing: Gorgonzola-stuffed prosciutto-wrapped Medjool dates
Category/Style: Infused Ginjo
Milling/Polish: 60%
Alcohol: 12%
300ml: $6
720ml: $13

Murai Nigori Genshu

Unlike the other sakés, Nigoris contain rice sediment, giving them a creamy texture and flavor. The nose on this Nigori offers hints of sweet cream with lime, pear and lemongrass. The palate, heavy with coconut, creamy mushroom and a hint of Brie, lingers with a lengthy, creamy finish.

Food Pairing: Thai pumpkin curry
Category/Style: Nigori Genshu
Milling/Polish: 75%
Alcohol: 19.8%
720ml: $25

Yoshinogawa Winter Warrior

The aroma of tart cherry, lychee, a forest-like earthiness and honey fills your nostrils, while the taste of marshmallow, vanilla, butterscotch and lime washes over your palate. Perfect for a barbecue or simply sip on its own.

Food Pairing: Pulled pork tacos with fresh mango-lime salsa
Category/Style: Junmai Ginjo
Milling/Polish: 60%
Alcohol: 14%
720ml: $25

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