Say What?

If you could open a restaurant affiliated with your winery, what would be the cuisine/concept? 

My dream restaurant or food truck at the vineyard would be “elevated street food” designed to be carried out to the vines and enjoyed as a picnic. Handcrafted sausages, arancini (Italian stuffed rice balls), elotes (corn on the cob), Brussels sprouts slaw, these are a few items I've had elsewhere that I could envision on the menu.
Tyler Bradley, Bradley Vineyards

Having grown up in my Italian mother's kitchen, if Alloro were to open a restaurant on site, I would focus on Italian-inspired food that highlights what’s in season or at its best for the time of year. Alloro is also an integrated farm where we raise our own natural (no hormones or antibiotics) cattle and sheep, as well as a very extensive garden, so, of course, we would incorporate our homegrown meat and produce into our seasonal menu. And there must be a wood-fired oven for crafting wonderful pizza!
David Nemarnik, Alloro Vineyard

I love all cuisine and feel our Pinot Noirs, Pinot Gris and Rosado de Pinot Noir could match many if not most cuisines well. However, my dream would be a Cuban-fusion restaurant. I’d mix the beautiful blend of Mediterranean, African and Caribbean influences — which is what Cuban cuisine has been — and evolve the flavors with more Middle Eastern and Asian influences. The restaurant would have a modern ambiance and embrace the value of professional, dedicated service.  
Mauricio Collada Jr. M.D., Cubanísimo Vineyards

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