Say What?

Which special wine do you plan to open during this year’s Thanksgiving meal?

Brandborg 2016 Elkton-Villages Nouveau. We release it the traditional third Thursday in November with a special dinner, so we just keep going for Thanksgiving. Celebrate youth!
Sue Brandborg, Brandborg Winery

Sangiovese. Perhaps a little non-traditional, but the luscious cherry, raspberry and pomegranate fruit flavors and soft, lingering finish are a great pairing with turkey. Sangiovese is soft enough to enjoy before you start eating, and yet just bold enough with some structure to entertain the real red wine lover at the table.  A few Oregon producers are making Sangiovese from grapes in the Columbia Gorge and Walla Walla Valley AVAs, and I can’t wait to share this wine with my family.
Carrie Wynkoop, Cellar 503

We will be serving two wines with our Thanksgiving dinner. For our red wine lovers, a 2015 Kathken
Vineyards Pinot Noir Rosé, or, as we call it, “P3” (pink, Pinot and passionate). This wine gives you the taste and aromas of Pinot Noir but is served chilled and will complement the taste of our herb-roasted turkey. For our white wine lovers, a 2015 Kathken Vineyards Chardonnay. Totally different from the oaky, buttery California Chards, ours is processed into neutral oak barrels, creating a wine that is rich yet dry with hints of peach and tropical fruit flavors. This wine will definitely enhance the flavors of our oven-roasted turkey.
Kathy Slusser, Kathken Vineyards

Campbell Vineyards Vionillo, a blend of Viognier and Tempranillo. We have a couple years to choose from which allow for individual tastes. The 2013 Vionillo is a lighter, fresher wine that we serve chilled like a white. Our 2012 Vionillo, which is more robust and full-bodied, better served at 65°F like a red. Vionillo is versatile and goes with just about anything on your Thanksgiving menus.  If you are more traditional, go with the Tempranillo — November is Tempranillo month, after all.
Pat Flannery, Dana Campbell Vineyards

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