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What makes wine romantic?

What makes wine romantic?

The passion it takes. Anyone making good wine does it because they love it. They do it for the style of life it offers. I know no one who does it just to make money. If they do, they’re not making anything romantic or with passion.
Sandy Thompson, Mt. Tabor Fine Wines, Portland

While the winemaking process has evolved into this world of mass production, the essence of wine remains romantic. Wine is mysterious, unpredictable, unique and grows more complex with time. Every bottle evokes a thrilling uncertainty and the comfort of tradition — an experience that lasts either a minute or a lifetime.
Mary Beth Leavens, Del Rio Vineyards, Gold Hill

Wine is a love affair, a dance between the vine and the flesh, a seduction filled with unpredictability and anxiety, and ultimately, a sweet satisfaction of blissful intoxication.
Danuta Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer Vineyards, Junction City

The making of a wine is a bit of a metaphor for life. Each year in early spring, the vines come out of dormancy, much like the birth of a child. As the vines grow throughout the year, the winegrower is faced with the challenges, triumphs and disappointments of his growing children. If the winegrower stays intimately connected and nurtures those vines throughout the season, something amazing emerges at harvest time. The work is not yet done, however, as the winegrower is, once again, faced with a new set of children at harvest that [he] must now raise, nurture and guide over the next few years into the lovely adult wines they will become. Herein lies the romance.
Tom Fitzpatrick, Alloro Vineyard, Sherwood

Wine, like romance, can be unpredictable, and you may discover you desire the unexpected. But when you find the perfect pairing, there’s nothing better.
Sasha Elliott, William Rose Wines, Oregon Wine LAB, Eugene


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