Say What?

Can music affect wine’s taste?

##Illustration by Jessi Zawicki

“I don’t think music affects the taste of wine, but music certainly affects your mood, and mood can definitely play a part in the overall tasting experience.”
Angela Jaquette, Silvan Ridge Winery

“No doubt! Many don’t realize that your mood has a major influence on your enjoyment of anything. If the music relaxes you and elevates your mood, absolutely!”
Sandy Thompson, Mt. Tabor Fine Wines

“I definitely believe that music can affect the taste of wine, or rather the perception of the wine by the taster. Music can evoke a plethora of memories, emotions and physical responses. There is an argument that wine tasting “engages more of our brain than any other human behavior.” If this is true, then it would make sense that whatever state of mind we’re in that is triggered by listening to a song or genre of music during wine tasting can/will dictate the experience we have with that wine.”
Nick Berube, Fries Family Wines

“I say, yes, absolutely! If the music is annoying or too loud, it affects my wine tasting and thus the pleasure on the palate.”
Maureen Lee, Maryhill Winery & Amphitheater




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