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Muselet | Ron Acierto [Portland]


3730 S.W. Bond Ave. Portland, OR 97239

Owner Ron Acierto, a front-of-the-house veteran who worked as general manager and wine steward at several upscale restaurants, including Bluehour, Lucier, Departure and Jory at The Allison Inn, offers diners a modern menu — crafted by Chef Alex-Sullivan-Parker— served alongside a wine list filled with Oregon selections and thoughtful cocktails, too. Just read Acierto’s answers below, and you’ll see why Muselet was honored with a 2016 Oregon Wine A-List Award.

Why is it important to support Oregon wine? 
I moved to Oregon almost a decade ago to be the hospitality and sales manager for Cherry Hill Winery in the Eola Hills. My passion for Oregon wines is because of the passionate producers I have encountered over the years.  It is very important for me to act as a concierge of all things Oregon wine. Oregon is one of the premiere wine producing areas in the world. When visitors come to Oregon, they want to enjoy Oregon wines, and Muselet is the next best thing to the Oregon wine country.

What’s the last Oregon bottle that rocked your palate. 
There are too many to list; however, The Eyrie Pinot Meunier Brut Rosé is on top of my list.

Favorite food and wine pairings at the restaurant?
Wine is very subjective, so I tell all our guests, “Drink what you love and enjoy it.” If a guest feels like drinking a big red wine with delicate cured seafood, I am not going to stop them. Our pork dishes pair exceptionally well with Pinot Noir, especially the 2011, 2007 and 2013 vintages. There are great producers in the Willamette Valley who are aging Riesling in a non-Alsatian style, and they pair beautifully with our foie gras. Some uniquely made Pinot Noir ports and dessert wines have also been fun to pair with our seasonal dessert menu.

What sets Muselet apart from other Portland restaurants?
Three things: (1) We are unapologetically modern in our look, feel and attitude toward food; (2) We are dedicated to serving up an experience that is in the top ranks of any culinary/wine experience in Portland; and (3) We take our role as “concierge to the Oregon wine country” very seriously. Since we opened in May of 2015, we always have had a separate category on our wine list for Oregon — sparkling, whites, reds, Pinot Noir — as well as a Pinot Noir flight category. Our wine list categorizes all five AVAs of the Willamette Valley.  We currently have a wine tasting every Saturday showcasing Oregon Pinot Noir, as well as local and international producers. “Drink local” is tattooed on our hearts!

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