Fullerton Wines Expands Distribution with C & G Wines

Portland, Oregon – June 14, 2017 – Fullerton Wines has signed with C & G Wines to distribute their wines in both Washington and Oregon. Having successfully self-distributed in the Oregon market to date, the Fullerton family looks to the future with excitement. The well-reputed team at C & G will offer a broader reach in both Oregon and Washington states.

Alex Fullerton, winemaker at Fullerton Wines, who recently returned from a sales trip in the Seattle market said: “I’m excited about how well the local shops received our wines! We look forward to building relationships with wine shops, restaurants, chain stores, and their customers, as well as the C & G crew.” Alex continued, “I’m very pleased with the deep respect customers show for the C & G team.”  

Fullerton Wines is a family, boutique producer crafting memorable Oregon wines. The Fullerton team believes great wine speaks profoundly, a universal language that transcends any one culture. Fullerton Wines sources and cares for vineyards, both old and new, that display authenticity and character—they speak of their specific place. In the winery, Alex Fullerton tends the winemaking process with an artistic and respectful hand, resulting in elegant and distinctive Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. The wines allow their terroir to transport you to their place, Oregon’s Willamette Valley.



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