Paper Wins!

Rock-solid Oregon wine coverage

By Hilary Berg

Welcome to the 2020 Oregon Wine Almanac, an annual publication of the Oregon Wine Press.

Last year marked OWP’s 35th year. We are proud of our history and recognize all the hard work it takes to make it three-plus decades in such a challenging industry. Although some have perpetuated the trope “print is dead,” facts indicate otherwise.

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) Factbook 2018–2019 reports the top 25 print magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 primetime shows. And, despite generational differences, magazine consumption remains strong.

In a LinkedIn post Aug. 10, 2018, MPA president Linda Thomas Brooks says, “Marketers and consumers both want and need print. In a media ecosystem that gets more populated every day, magazine brands are the shortcut to quality.”

She continues, “Having professionally researched, written, edited, produced and curated content has always been important, and is increasingly so as we all have to think about what voices and information we really trust.”

We couldn’t agree more with her sentiment. In a world of continuous scrolling and click-bait headlines, we promise to slow down, and offer carefully crafted articles to keep you in the Oregon wine loop with coverage that is balanced, informative and representative of the state.

While the bulk of the industry lies in OWP’s northern Willamette Valley, we understand Oregon wine extends well beyond. Some of the most interesting stories are coming from Southern Oregon and the Columbia Gorge, where the wines are varied — much more than Pinot — and the scenery remains the most striking in all the AVAs.

From north to south, big to boutique, bottled to canned, OWP aims to cover it all.

Speaking of aluminum, congratulations to Ryan Harms, the 2019 OWP Person of the Year and a truly nice human. His amazing ascent and his eye on the future at Union Wine Co., now the state’s largest wine producer, has earned him our highest honor. 

Readers, we hope you enjoy this special annual of OWP and thank you for supporting our local mag. A toast to 2020!



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