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New Arrivals

New and existing wineries share exciting details

By Mark Stock

You just can’t keep the wine industry down. Despite a surging pandemic and a flailing economy, we’re still drinking, and winemakers are finding clever avenues to get their work into eager, stuck-at-home hands, engaging in virtual tastings to keep some semblance of business flow.

In Oregon, some wineries are even launching new projects or upgrading venues for new tasting experiences. The moves offer a glimmer of hope and a sense that maybe things will turn around come next year. Either way, we will still want wine, and Oregon winemakers will find a way to produce it.

Here are a few new arrivals of note within the Willamette Valley scene:

Landlines Estate Pinot Noir ##Photo by Richard Duvall


Montinore Estate recently launched a new sister project, Landlines Estates. The label will specialize in small-batch Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the Yamhill-Carlton AVA.

With Landlines, it’s all about site. The wines are grown in the 30-acre Tidalstar Vineyard, planted in 1999 and set in rich maritime soils. Per the Montinore way, the vineyard will be farmed according to organic and Biodynamic demands. The winery says it came upon the vineyard in 2016 and has been eager to express it ever since.

The maiden release includes three expressions of Pinot Noir and one Chardonnay. The team behind the wines is an esteemed crew, to say the least. Rudy Marchesi is the viticulturist while Alejandro Corona is lead grower. In the cellar, the vinification is done by winemakers Anna Matzinger of Matzinger-Davies Wine Co., Montinore head winemaker Stephen Webber and Montinore assistant winemaker Benjamin Eyer.


It’s hard to call Amaterra Wines an urban winery given its wooded West Hills setting, but it’s very much located in Portland. The winery is set to open the doors to its stunning new tasting room, event space and production facility early next year.

A gravity-flow winery will be a major part of the space, where an estimated 10,000 cases per year will be made. Amaterra will focus on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with the winemaking reigns being held by Matt Vuylsteke. There will also be a restaurant at Amaterra, fit with a full dining room, bar and locally-inspired menu.

Just minutes from downtown, Amaterra is set to be a convenient wine getaway. The property will include a small vineyard as well as an expansive lawn for games and recreation.


Acclaimed Dundee Hills producer Nicolas-Jay just wrapped up the construction of its stunning new 53-acre property. All told, the new headquarters will house a winery, tasting room and a vineyard on the north face of the historic Dundee Hills AVA.

The new facility is currently aging wines and is set to open to the public in early 2021. Nicolas-Jay is a collaboration between associate winemaker Tracy Kendall, music entrepreneur Jay Boberg and French winemaker Jean-Nicolas Meo.


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