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OWP rounds up symposium products

At this year’s Oregon Wine Symposium, trade show vendors featured products and services for wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms. It was an industry affair, but some booths entertained attendees with wine tourists in mind. These products are available through wholesale only, so, for all interested consumers, please ask your favorite Oregon wine establishment about carrying them.

1 - Wine Growler

Just as a Burgundy wine glass can accommodate an entire bottle of wine, so can FIFTY/FIFTY’s Seven Fifty stainless steel wine growlers — made in Wilsonville. Double-walled and vacuum-insulated, the growler is perfect for any wine outing. Available in several colors and ready for laser-engraved or pad-printed logos. www.topnestdesigns.com

2 - Tipsy Towels

Teri Beauchamp’s whimsical kitchen towels showcase original art, ranging from wine country tested recipes, general sentiments — such as “love” or “friends” — or towels touting your favorite wine state — Oregon, of course. All are made of durable 100-percent cotton and will impress your tasting room guests with their high quality. www.tipsytowels.com

3 - Picnic Plus Tote

The Picnic Plus Double Bottle Tote offers a unique design with a pull-down front panel, revealing a suede-lined interior with two compartments for wine. Styles include cork, black and tweed. Contact TopNest Designs to customize for tasting room shelves or wine club extras. www.topnestdesigns.com

4 - Menagerie Wine Pourers

California-based In Vino Veritas launched its highly successful, mostly animal-inspired line of stainless steel wine pourers-aerators in 2013. Three years later, 79 styles — and counting — are offered, satisfying a “menagerie” of wineries and sparking countless conversations with guests. OWP “fawned” over the octopus, quail, pig, gargoyle and many others. www.menageriewinepourers.com; www.ivvdesigns.com

5 - Wine-Tapa

Keep bugs out with the Wine-Tapa® wine glass cover. A soft foam gasket forms a secure seal; while a mesh center allows wine to breathe. Available in 14 beautiful colors, the durable plastic covers are customizable. www.wine-tapa.com

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