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Wine-inspired Items for in and on your desk

1 - Wink Pen

“Wine is bottled poetry” assumes a whole new meaning with Jessica Chan. Her idea? Let the wine do the writing. Introducing the Wink Pen, which uses wine — or any staining liquid such as tea, coffee, juice — instead of traditional ink. Engineered to handle low-viscosity liquids, Wink Pens are the innovative hybrid of a fountain and dip pen, and the first glass-tipped pen introduced to market since metal was scarce during WWII. Made in Portland.
$149; www.winkpens.com

2 - Wine Country Craftsman “Wine Bot” Bookends

Wine Country Craftsman’s Weiss is a serious bibliophile — he owns about 20,000 books —inspiring him to create his Wine Bot bookends from recycled wine barrel rings. Not only do they keep tomes upright and organized but also offer a conversation piece that will have guests struggling to keep quiet in your otherwise quiet reading room.
$175 to $350; www.etsy.com/shop/winecountrycraftsman

3 - Wine Country Craftsman “Lohata” Card Holder

Michael Weiss at Wine Country Craftsman makes the most of every barrel, not by drinking it but by creating masterpieces with the wine-soaked wood and metal. After making business card holders from the steel rings for his own staff, he decided to offer them to consumers as numerous requests rolled in to make them available. Rustic yet quality-made, these holders make a great impression, just as your business cards should, too. Handmade in Paso Robles, California.
$20; www.etsy.com/shop/winecountrycraftsman

4 - Rustico Leather Wine Log

Keep records of what you’re drinking and do it in style with Rustico’s Leather Wine Log. Filled with rough-cut cotton rag paper containing tasting note headers — vintage, taste, price, etc. — and an opposite page to affix the wine label, this journal embraces the essence of Oregon wine with its superior handcrafted quality. Choose your color: black, burgundy, buckskin, dark brown, saddle, stone or charcoal. Made in Orem, Utah.
$39; www.rustico.com

5 - Illustrated Playing Cards

Portland artist Aaron Voronoff Trotter is drawn to landscapes around the world, inspiring his sketches and his company, Illustrated Playing Cards. His talent is evident on each deck adorned with original artwork drawn on location. “Oregon Wineries” contains 52 — plus one for the jokers — drawings representing as many wineries. He even includes a hand-drawn map, encouraging you to get out and play in wine country yourself.
$20; www.illustratedplayingcards.com

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