Pickling Your Fancy

Fermenting cukes and other accoutrements

1 - Unbound Pickling

With a passion for good food, Unbound owners Jesse and Katie Hancock have been cultivating relationships with local farmers since 2009. Made at peak freshness and in small batches, their products include: Bacon Pickles, Pickled Beans, Pickled Okra, Pickled Cherries with Vanilla and Tarragon (Pictured), Pickled Peas and Carrots, Pickled Walla Walla Onions and more. www.unboundpickling.com

2 - Our Favorite Foods Duker’s Dills

Inspired by her Grandma Rose, who could “hand-pack an absolutely delicious pickle,” and her husband, Duke, Betsy Walton has been making Duker’s Dills for years. After attending an entrepreneurial class, she and Duke turned her passion into a business. Pickled products include: Garlic Dill Pickles, Hot Beans, Hot Sugar Snap Peas, Hot Tomatoes (pictured), Rose’s Rosemary Lemon Beans, Rose’s Rosemary Lemon Asparagus and more. www.ourfavoritefoods.net

3 - MoonBrine

Stewart “Stew” Golomb started pickling 15 years ago in his tiny East Village apartment in New York City, where he filled his fridge with test batches, slowly cultivating a brand he called MoonBrine. After moving to Boston, he continued building his company. Now, in Portland, Golomb remains dedicated to his quest for crunch, fermenting all-natural ingredients and strictly in small batches. Varieties: Super Dill Pickles and Pretty Hot Pickles (pictured), as well as other pickled goodies (turnips, radishes, etc.) available only at the shop: 2505 S.E. 11th Avenue, Suite B12, Portland. www.moonbrine.com

4 - Republic of Jam

A jam company creates pickled perfection using not cukes but farm-fresh fruit. Lynette Shaw and Amy Wilder of Republic of Jam have been wooing palates in the wine country town of Carlton since 2010 with their gourmet products, including Pickled Blueberries — winner of a Good Food Award in 2015 — and Pickled Peaches. www.republicofjam.com

5 - Oregon Brineworks

From their Hood River organic farm and fermentation operation, Brian and Connie Shaw have created Oregon Brineworks with a mission to directly contribute to the vitality of the local food shed, providing a reliable outlet for area organic farmers. Lacto-fermented products include: Garlic Dill Pickles and Spicy Dill Pickles, Beet and Ginger Gold Kvass (probiotic tonics), Pickled Beets and Ginger Roots (pictured), Sauerüben, Beet Apple Kraut and more. www.oregonbrineworks.com

6 - Kurzhal Family Kickin’ Pickles

Starting with his grandma’s German pickle recipe, Matt Kurzhal — via his father — learned to make a spicy version that, once presented to friends, was an instant hit, thus Kurzhal Family Kickin’ Pickles was born. Matt and his wife, Holly, grow all their own organic cucumbers and use other local ingredients when available. Products include: Dill Pickles, Bread ‘n’ Butter Pickles, Dilly Beans, Pickled Garlic Cloves, Pickled Asparagus and Pickled Chicken Eggs (pictured). www.kickinpickles.com

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