Desserts von Deutschland

German sweets to spice up your holidays and impress Sankt Nikolaus

##Photo by Kathryn Elsesser

1 Lebkuchen
Also made by Lambertz, these irresistibly soft Lebkuchen traditional gingerbread cookies are covered with milk chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate in the shapes of hearts, pretzels and stars. A German Christmas tradition worthy of adopting for any lover of ginger or chocolate.
Wine Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon 

2 Stollen
Stollen, Germany’s powdered sugar-coated holiday bread of nuts, spices and candied fruit contains a vein of marzipan, keeping the loaf moist and memorable. During Christmastime, the dessert is referred to as Christstollen or Weihnachtsstollen — “Weihnachten” is German for “Christmas.”
Wine Pairing: Port

3 Spekulatius
These spiced short-crust cookies, traditionally enjoyed around Christmas in Germany, as well as the Netherlands (speculaas) and Belgium (speculoos), are thin, crisp, slightly browned and stamped with memorable images often from the traditional stories of St. Nicholas, or Sankt Nikolaus.
Wine Pairing: Pinot Noir

4 Zimtsterne
Made from spicy gingerbread dough with lemon and orange peel, a generous helping of cinnamon and topped with white icing, Zimtsterne cookies, shaped to resemble the Christmas star, are made by Lambertz, a German company established in 1622, once a supplier to Royal Courts throughout Europe. These moist, chewy biscuits are considered a staple of Weihnachten, aka Christmas.
Wine Pairing: Auxerrois

5 Glucksschwein
The German saying “Ich habe schwein gehabt” — literally translated to “I had pig” — really means “I was lucky.” The phrase refers to more fortunate farm families who had their own pork to survive winter. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Glucksschwein, or “lucky pig,” became a popular symbol on holiday cards, ornaments and candy, including sweet, adorable marzipan swine.
Wine Pairing: Sweet Riesling

6 Marzipankartoffeln
Baby potatoes made from marzipan, Marzipankartoffeln, are traditionally given to friends in little bags or placed on the goodie plate at Christmastime. Dusted with cocoa powder, these tuber-shaped sweets by Schluckwerder are made from ground almonds and powdered sugar, and taste oh-so divine.
Wine Pairing: Gewürztraminer

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