Chop, Season, Grill and Chill

With a glass of wine by your side

1 - Wine Country Craftsman Old-Vine Magnetic Knife Rack

Handcrafted in the heart of California wine country, Wine Country Craftsman’s magnetic, old-vine knife rack is crafted from century-old grapevines. The kiln-dried, sanded and sealed wood is preserved for a lifetime of use. Other lengths available.
$100 (petite); www.winecountrycraftsman.com

2 - Jacobsen Pinot Noir-Infused Salt

From Portland’s revered Jacobsen Salt Co. comes a new staple for your pantry: Pinot Noir-infused salt. Notes of vanilla and sweet red fruit pair with earthy tones to perfectly finish braised beef, roasted beets, chicken liver mousse, pasta with marinara or summer berries with burrata.
$12 (3.3 ounces); www.jacobsensalt.com

3 - Boho Barrel Works Britt Wine Barrel Concert Picnic Table

Made from Rogue Valley barrel staves, the wine-stained foldable table is best enjoyed at Boho Barrel Works owner Bob Metternich’s favorite summer concert series, the Britt Festival in Jacksonville. Yet the handy, handcrafted table performs equally well at picnics, barbecues or wherever there is liquid sunshine and wine.
$85; www.etsy.com/shop/bohobarrelworks

4 - Wine-Infused Cedar Grilling Plank Set

Elevate your grill game with this set of wine-infused cedar grilling planks. Soak in water two hours before cooking and fire up the grill to medium heat. Place food on the plank, the plank on the grill and close the lid to infuse your favorite recipes with smoky notes of cedar wood and wine.
$12; www.uncommongoods.com

5 - Wine Country Craftsman BBQ Chips

After extended use, wine barrels begin to impart less flavor into wine. When this happens, winemakers add oak chips to the barrels. After the aged wine is filtered and bottled, Wine Country Craftsman collects, dries and packages the chips, perfect for grilling and smoking.
$30 (sampler of three varieties) www.winecountrycraftsman.com

6 - Feast It Forward Wine Country Rub

This unique spice blend is like “infusing your favorite parts of wine country, the zest and zeal of harvest on your dinner table.” Enjoy on pork, steak, chicken or lamb, eggs, potatoes and/or vegetables. A portion of proceeds (5 percent) is donated to charities via Feast it Forward Foundation.
$15.99; www.feastitforward.com/shop

7 - Oaks Bottom Forge Chef’s XL Knife

After working in graphic design and other avenues of art, Pat Wojciechowski’s knife-making career began in an adult blacksmithing class taught by master carpenter and blacksmith Tom Myers. With a team of talented artisans, he’s created Oaks Bottom Forge, a cornerstone of the Southeast Portland community, offering workshops and artisan knives.
$630 (Buckeye/A15-10); www.oaksbottomforge.com

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