Bunch of Jerks

Chew and sip with jerky and wine pairings

1 - Salmon + Sparkling

For the “jerk” who loves wild salmon and simple ingredients, Josephson’s Smokehouse in Astoria, a fourth-generation, family-owned operation, has the catch of the day: mouthwatering jerky made with Chinook, black pepper and hardwood smoke. | www.josephsons.com

2 - Beef + Pinot Noir

Finicky about beef jerky? Look no more. Northwest Bierhaus Jerky makes an Oregon Wine Country version marinated in Pinot Noir — its grapes are as finicky as you — and naturally smoked for intense flavor. | www.northwestbierhausjerky.com

3 - Turkey + Pinot Gris

Turkey jerky, a rhyming treat that can’t be beat. Soaked in California Chardonnay, with orange and pineapple juices, too, the True Jerky snack is a sweet and tangy chew. “Carne diem” the website states; now is the time to eat a piece or eight. |  www.true-jerky.com

4 - Bison + Grenache

This modern-day pemmican, a Plains Indian staple, contains tender grass-fed bison, savory uncured bacon and tart cranberries. The honest ingredients combine for a unique taste experience made by EPIC in Austin, Texas. | www.epicbar.com

5 - Kangaroo + Syrah

Here’s a ripper (really great thing) for all you blokes and sheilas (men and women): kangaroo jerky. Made by Indiana’s House of Jerky from ridgy-didge (genuine) roo meat slathered in teriyaki sauce, this snack is bonzer (excellent). Give it a burl (try it). | www.houseofjerky.net

6 - Soy + Merlot

Vegans can have their jerky and eat it, too. Created by Butler Foods in Grand Ronde, Sam’s Harvest Soy Jerky is composed of meat-like-textured “soy curls” coated in a blend of spices. A great source of protein. | www.butlerfoods.com

7 - Lamb + Pinot Noir

EPIC does it again, but with grass-fed lamb this time. Organic currants and dried spearmint leaves add subtle flavor sophistication to a serious snack that’s anything but sheepish. Flock to the store and stock up today. | www.epicbar.com

8 - Clam + Muscadet

Those who dig unusual food will be as happy as a clam at high tide with this distinct treat by California Jerky Factory. Made from Hokkigai “surf clams,” the jerky is mild, sweet and only slightly fishy — O.K., mollusk-y — and definitely an acquired taste. | www.californiajerkyfactory.com

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