Toil and Turkey

Thanksgiving a lot of work but worth the trouble

By Hilary Berg

November, the largest issue of the year, requires a lot of work. Gathering stories is one part, photography and layout, another. The selling, designing and proofing of ads requires a huge effort, leaving the entire sales and artist staff exhausted. Yet the part that invariably brings me to my knees — begging for an assistant — is the collection of Thanksgiving listings.

Seems like a simple enough task, but as the number of wineries keeps growing, so does the section and my headache — enough griping, Hilary, this is the Thanksgiving issue, for Pete’s sake.

But, alas, it is done.

Within the 350-plus listings, you’ll discover delightful tidbits throughout. Some entries are even entertaining, intended to make you smile.

J.K. Carriere (Newberg) says, “Mom threatened us once again with turkey. We’re threatening you with wine. No crap. Old school. Get here...”

Trinity Vineyards (Salem) has the right idea: “If you’re not completely worn out from your family visit yet, then bring them. If you are, we have a wine for that. Either way, it’s a win-win.”

While perusing the pages, you’ll likely feel hungry, too.

Get ready to drool over tri-tip steak sandwiches at Redhawk (Salem), baked wild salmon at Walnut City Wineworks (McMinnville), grilled cheese and tomato soup at Stoller Family Estate (Dayton) and hearty antipasti at Cana’s Feast (Carlton). If you prefer cheese, artisan bread and chocolate when you taste, then you are in luck; this stuff is everywhere.

Take note of live music, friendly dogs, fireplaces, firepits, cozy couches, stunning views and holiday shopping throughout the open house descriptions.

There is something interesting for everyone, and that’s without mentioning the dozens of wine varieties being sampled from bottle and barrel.

Thanksgiving Weekend is a special time in Oregon wine country; and, like this edition, it also entails a lot of work.

Lucky for me, I am a part of both — come see me at Roots Vineyard (Yamhill); we’ll be soiling ourselves with wine, food and fun.

No, really, I am a lucky person. I have much to be grateful for, including everything that is Thanksgiving.

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