Where Is the Love?

It’s in Oregon wine country

By Hilary Berg, OWP Editor

Valentine’s Day, a day designed to spark romance and passion, is mostly marketed to lovers. But I prefer to think of Feb. 14 as an opportunity to warm the hearts of the many people in my life, not only my incredible husband.

Of course, it shouldn’t take a nationally designated day to express these feelings — I like to think I do on a regular basis — but the upcoming day of red hearts and — fingers-crossed — lots of chocolate has me wanting to reciprocate the care and support I’ve witnessed over the years in this fine industry.

I admit, it feels so satisfying to hear we are doing a good job at OWP. Personally, I put my heart into each publication, hoping to win the affection of you, the reader, as well as the wine community, which without, OWP would not exist.

To the colleagues who have personally thanked me for OWP’s efforts, I offer much gratitude. Please know that I have great admiration for all of you.

It’s the personalities that make a wine, a brand and a thriving industry. Impressive facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and, of course, high-quality fruit certainly help achieve the end result, but it’s the talented winemakers, savvy owners, trained cellar workers, tenacious marketing and sales personnel, and personable tasting room staffers who ultimately make or break a brand.

Relationships, the fuel feeding the success of any business, are what keep me inspired as an editor.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends and colleagues. Thanks for all the love and, of course, fantastic wine.


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