OWP annual offers year in review

By Hilary Berg

After receiving a great response from last year’s inaugural Oregon Wine Almanac, Oregon Wine Press is pleased to present its second edition.

Similar to 2013, this year’s print publication and website include articles normally found in past January issues, most importantly, the Wine Person(s) of the Year. Sincere congratulations to Kevin and Carla Chambers, this year’s well-deserving recipients.

This incredible couple has done so much and for so long; without them, Oregon’s wine industry would, undoubtedly, be at a serious loss. As you read Associate Editor Karl Klooster’s article, you’ll see the list of accomplishments — including recently selling their vineyard to one of the world’s most famous Burgundy producers — is impressive, but what is even more notable is the couple’s genuine, friendly nature — not typical of people with such serious bragging rights.

Also included in print and online are other important articles, such as a list — and discussion — of Oregon’s most prolific producers, a review of the 2013 harvest and OWP’s top stories from the past year.

Our print edition also includes a list of more than 600 bonded wineries in Oregon — many new names in this comprehensive list.

Next is the listing of 2014 Superior Cellar Award winners, where you’ll find three new honorees: Walnut City Kitchen in McMinnville, Imperial in Portland and The Peerless in Ashland. Following these Oregon wine-friendly restaurants, you’ll find industry listings, wine retail listings, lodging listings as well as a preview of 2014’s major wine festivals and events happening around the state.

Last, but not least, are the maps. New to the Almanac, the maps show most, not all — there are many virtual brands — Oregon wineries, plus a few other sites of interest.

Packed with useful information and interesting articles, the Oregon Wine Almanac is one to keep handy throughout the year.

You can find a print copy of the Oregon Wine Press and the 2014 Almanac in tasting rooms, fine wine shops and restaurants throughout the state.

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