Behind the Scenes

OWP plays its part in the production of Oregon wine

By Hilary Berg

Looking back at 2014, Oregon Wine Press is grateful for another successful year.

We want to thank all the advertisers who make the publication possible, as well as the Oregon wine industry as a whole — without you, we got nothin’.

Over the year, we filled the pages with a variety of stories, some of which you can read again starting on page 12. Missing in the collection of 2014’s top articles is one never published: OWP’s 30th anniversary. 

In this age of self-promotion, it is unthinkable that we would have not at least mentioned the anniversary, but, alas, we didn’t. I take the blame.

You see, I’ve never liked the spotlight. When I was little, my sisters and I participated in children’s theater. I was always thrilled to be part of the chorus but never wanted to be center stage. I was even more at home behind the scenes in high school productions. I would much rather turn the spotlight on others than be in its flood of light.

I suppose this is why working as an editor is so befitting: I enjoy the opportunity to focus readers’ attention on the many Oregon wineries and personalities in this ever-growing community. OWP exists to sing the industry’s praises, not celebrate itself.

The majority of the 30 years belongs to Elaine Cohen and Richard Hopkins, OWP’s founders. In March 1984, the couple launched what was then called Oregon Wine Calendar. In April 2006, 22 years later, the News-Register purchased the publication, and the rest, as they say, is history — printed on paper.

Five years ago, when OWP turned 25, I asked Elaine if we could interview her for an anniversary article. She declined. At first, I didn’t understand but soon realized, perhaps, she, too, was not one comfortable in the spotlight. Like me, she would rather work behind the scenes.

As we enter 2015, OWP hopes for an encore: another successful, exciting year illuminating Oregon.

Oh, I almost forgot: Congrats to OWP for continuing its dedication to the wine industry — better late than never. Cheers!

Hilary Berg, OWP Editor


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