Race car driver Bob Burman, circa 1910–1915. ##Library of Congress

Drive to Succeed

Founding wineries set shining example

By Hilary Berg

This month, OWP honors two golden anniversaries: Adelsheim Vineyard and Sokol Blosser Winery. Add together both histories for a solid century of knowledge, hard work and well-deserved recognition.

There’s so much respect for these early winemakers who have not only paved the way, but also created road rules (quality regulations) and helpful signs (leadership) for the industry to drive into the future.

Now look at the traffic (wine scene). It’s jam-packed, bursting with new drivers (personalities) steering a variety of cars (wineries) and making a lot of noise (media attention) along the way.

Oregon wine is winning the proverbial race with unfaltering laps (vintages) that, over the years, reveal an increase in talent, ability and stamina, all essential in earning the coveted trophy (worldwide respect).

Along the way, there have been a few crashes (controversies) and many busted tires (obstacles), but, with eager pit crews ready to assist (collaboration), it’s been an overall clean ride, made more so by the majority of hybrids (sustainability) on this analogous track.

Thank you, David Adelsheim, Ginny Adelsheim, Bill Blosser and Susan Sokol Blosser, for setting the pace here in Oregon, helping direct the traffic while never pumping your brakes.

Okay, okay, enough of the car talk.

You probably think I’m a fan of motorsports. I’m not, at all. But I do drive a lot, mostly from Yamhill to McMinnville or Newberg. I spend much quality time in my silver Prius — marked with a bumper sticker so I don’t accidentally climb into the wrong one again.

Before the photoshoot for the March cover, I noticed the sleek cars rolling into Sokol Blosser’s parking lot and pulling up alongside my own and the photographer’s Prius, too — hers is black, not silver; both are uncomfortably low to the ground.

Usually, I’m not one to focus on what others drive, but that day, for some reason, I took note. These cars screamed success — and rightfully so.

As I unbuckled, I thought to myself: The people behind these wheels are definitely deserving of the smooth ride.

Cheers to 50 laps and counting!

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