Dress Like a Winemaker

What’s your favorite item in your work wardrobe?

1 Madewell > “I traded in my Carhartts for Madewell jeans. I have a straight-leg pair that have the comfort of mom jeans — my shape has changed since I had my baby in 2019 — but looks classic and are as rugged as Wrangler or Levi’s.  They fit nicely over work boots, too. Love ’em!”   

—Leah Jorgensen, Leah Jørgensen Cellars 

2 Danner >  “These boots are Oregon-made and durable. I’m pretty clumsy, and the boots I choose lace above the ankles so I feel super supported by them. They also have steel toes, which probably gives me a sense of false confidence.”

—Kelly Kidneigh, K.K. Wine Co./Mad Violets Wine Co.

3 > Juno Jones >  “During early COVID, Meg Murray of Nasty Woman Wines hit me up to support a new woman-owned company that makes stylish safety boots for women. About 3 a.m., I placed my order. I’ve watched as the company has developed and reached more and more into minority-owned business and promotions. In fact, they hosted me on their Hazard Girls Podcast. I wear them when I have one of those days when I’m in the cellar, the vineyard and have business meetings or need to spruce up my costumery. My Covid rescue dog also likes to try to eat them, but these are tough boots, and, so far, there are still two of them.”

—Remy Drabkin, Remy Wines

4 > Akubra > “My Akubra hat was given to me in 1998 by the winery I worked for in Western Australia. I wear this hat often, and, although it shows a lot of wear, I can't imagine ever replacing it.”

—Linda Donovan, L. Donovan Wines

5 > Carhartts >  “Yup, they do the job. Allow for ease of movement and have lots of pockets for items like my phone, sharpies, razor blade, etc. And they last for many years.”

—Anne Hubatch, Helioterra Wines


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