Dessert, Anyone?

Pour me a glass of Oregon’s finest

Just in time for the holidays, Oregon offers the decadence of dessert in a glass. Pretty sure these calories do not really count. We are all just hydrating and making merry, right?

The Pines 1852 - 2013 Late Harvest Columbia Gorge Gewürztraminer

Pear, vanilla wafer, lavender and sweet apple cider on the nose. Sweet and thick on the palate without being too sweet, this wine delivers flavors of mango, ripe peach, marzipan and finishes with a little bit of green tea.
$22; 380 cases

Armonéa 2015 Wine Country Farm Late Harvest Dundee Hills Riesling

Expect rose, peach-scented white tea, pineapple, apricot, jasmine and vanilla on the nose. On the palate, think poached apricots drizzled with vanilla syrup and garnished with candied edible flower petals — a couple of sips in and the flavors mingle into something you want to lick off a plate. A bright bit of orange zest on the finish brings you back for another sip.
$30; 266 cases

David Hill 2009 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Port

The nose reminds of a spiced (black pepper, cinnamon, clove) hazelnut coffee concoction. The first taste is like a very merry Christmas — past, present or future. Flavors of clove-studded oranges, marzipan, vanilla sugar cookie and hazelnut coffee spread across a long finish.
$45; 153 cases

Foris 2006 Rogue Valley Tawny Port

The amazing aroma of hot chocolate cocoa powder, scented with vanilla and cinnamon just waiting for the addition of warm milk had tasters convinced the smell exuded texture. On the palate, this barrel-aged 10-year tawny Port-style Cabernet Sauvignon shows flavors of chocolate-covered cherries with clove and orange bitter undertones, and the rich, earthy essence of tamarind paste. 
$12; 662 cases

Del Rio Vineyards 2013 Estate-Grown Rogue Valley Syrah Port

Beginning with a gorgeous garnet color and ending with a beautiful blueberry finish, the wine’s in-between offers anise, stewed black cherry, coffee, vanilla and a brighter herbaceous strain.  Balanced acidity carries through a long finish.
$27.50; 580 cases

Stuart & Co. NV Klipsun Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Tawny Dessert Wine

A nose of caramel, walnuts, coconut and sugared dates leads to palate associations of dessert; sip and let your tongue dance around the idea of German chocolate cake or bourbon bread pudding. Where’s my spoon?
$35; 100 cases


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