Designated Drinks

Craft beverages for the wine country driver and sober tourist

1. Boneyard Lemon-Ginger CBD Elixir

Bend’s Boneyard Brewery is now filling a non-alcoholic niche with its Lemon-Ginger Elixir containing sparkling water, cane sugar and hemp CBD (no THC.) www.boneyardelixir.com

2. Otto’s CBD Double-Hop Apple Cider

Based in Longview, Washington, Mirth Provisions has created a delicious drink crafted from hemp CBD (no THC), hops and organic apples. www.mirthprovisions.com

3. Pok Pok Turmeric Som Soda

Andy Ricker has concocted a turmeric drinking vinegar that’s bursting with herbaceous, floral and citrus flavors. Bright yet sweet, the soda can be used in cooking, too. www.pokpokdivision.com

4. Brew Dr. Kombucha

Founded by Matt Thomas in Portland, Brew Dr. Kombucha starts with tea and ends with a 100% organic, fermented, fizzy thirst-quencher. www.brewdrkombucha.com

5. Small Barrel Shrub Balsamic Soda

In his quest to find a complex non-alcoholic option, Portlander Aaron Weast is making modern shrubs, bubbly beverages popular in the 17th century. www.drinkshrub.com

6. Ponzi Cugini Sparkling Grape Juice

Italian for “cousin,” Cugini is a refreshing alternative fit for all ages and made with grapes grown by the iconic Ponzi Family outside Sherwood. www.cuginisparkling.com



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