’Tis the season for dessert and sparkling

Remy 2014 Three-Year-Old Barrel-Aged Barbera Dessert Wine, Washington

Aromas of bittersweet dark cocoa croissant with raspberry filling leap from the glass. It would be a shame if it did not taste the same. But, hurray, it does! Dark chocolate and red fruit Danish marry with a hint of vanilla, toasted cinnamon stick, dark juicy cherries and blackberry syrup.
$35; 50 cases

Apolloni 2015 Lacrima d’Oro Muscat, Willamette Valley

Sweet and smoky define this luscious dessert wine. Brown sugar, honey jasmine and campfire waft prominently from the glass. The prediction holds as these aromas repeat on the palate joined by lightly roasted hazelnut coffee, glazed pineapple and a bright candied lemon peel lift at the end balancing the sweetness. $30; 110 cases

Eola Hills Wine Cellars 2014 Vin d’Or Sauvignon Blanc, Oregon

How did they get this Sauv Blanc to smell so vividly of raspberry? But not just raspberry. There’s bitter rose petal, caramel, honey and paraffin aromas. On the palate, raspberry again, sweet and bright, on the first sip. Cola syrup, roasted nuts and honey butter enrich the flavors and glide across a velvety texture. Sweet without question, yet balanced and quite complex.
$25; 325 cases

Treos NV Ternion Hazelnut-Infused Dessert Wine

Yes, hazelnut lovers, this wine smells and tastes like Oregon’s favorite tree nut. But, wine lovers, don’t despair. The nuance of a well-made dessert wine is not lost, just given a little twist. Black raspberry mingles with roasted coffee beans and toasted nuts on an inviting nose. Sweetness is balanced with the taste of roasted hazelnut layered with black raspberry.
$39; 150 cases

Sokol Blosser 2016 Bluebird Cuvée Sparkling Wine, Oregon and Washington

A spectrum of traditional sparkling aromas includes earthy porcini mushroom, yeasty bread and peachy stone fruit. Fruitier on the palate with definite flavors of blood orange throughout and a bit of pleasant petrol. Delicate but with a full-bodied mousse and a longer finish than we often find with this style.
$28; 1,000 cases

Willamette Valley Vineyards 2015 Brut Methodé Champenoise, Willamette Valley

Similar to young Champagne, this wine is mineral-driven, crisp and clean. On the nose, expect yeasty, crusty baguette aromas. On the palate, dry, light and tart with Granny Smith apple, lemon zest, lots of fine bubbles and a “fresh rain on slate rocks” finish — petrichor, for the wordsmith.
$55; 690 cases

SEA O2 2017 Sparkling Rosé, Willamette Valley

Enchantingly fruity on the nose and a surprising yet delightfully dry palate. Tart ruby red grapefruit shines through on every sniff and sip. Peaches and lemon meringue join on a totally tropical nose. Tangerine and white strawberry add to a palate so wonderfully tart, you thirst for another sip.
$20; 1,018 cases

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