Covering Your Pie Hole

Etsy shops whip up whimsical foodie masks

By Hilary Berg

Kainku Handmade

From her home in Hillsboro, Nadya Crouch of Kainku Homemade crafts her masks with a variety of imaginative designs. Her favorite so far? The Profanity Mask. “I asked people close to me what bad words I always say on a regular basis.” She sent the design to a fabric company and, BAM, “bleeping” brilliant, snarky protection from the virus. $12, 100% cotton, adjustable straps, pocket for filter (pictured: Sushi and Pizza)


After owning a textile trading business for 30-plus years, Los Angelan Hoa Tieu knows quality fabrics when she sees them. As the need for masks grew in the early days of the pandemic, she knew she could help, and now the whole family is happily involved. $13.97, 100% cotton, adjustable straps, pocket for filter, plus paper filter (pictured: Donuts and Dragon Fruit)

Stella + Meeks

After being furloughed in the hospitality sector in March, Portlander Yumiko Johnson started crafting masks from her home stash of uniquely curated fabrics. The demand grew so high, she created Stella + Meeks, a full-time shop she runs with husband Deon. The Japanese daijin-style masks provide comfortable protection while also sparking socially distanced conversation. $12, 100% cotton, elastic straps (pictured: Honey Bear, Hot Dogs, Tomatoes on the Vine)

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