The new interior of the Domaine de Broglie tasting room exudes a classy Hollywood vibe. ##Photo provided
The Domaine de Broglie tasting room is nestled among towering Douglas firs in the Dundee Hills. ##Photo provided

Coppola Debut

Oregon brand named for French physicist

By OWP Staff

In early March, The Family Coppola introduced Domaine de Broglie (BROY), its new Dundee Hills vineyard and brand. Inspired by Louis de Broglie, a French physicist who made groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory and received the 1929 Nobel Prize in physics, the estate’s name fits The Family Coppola’s portfolio, which the company describes as “dedicated to curiosity and legendary scholars with a thirst for knowledge.”

The Coppolas’ other science-minded wines include Archimedes Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, as well as Ada Lovelace Gin and Agnesi 1799 Brandy from the Great Women Spirits line.

“Our excitement continues to grow as we spend more time within the respected Dundee Hills region,” says Corey Beck, The Family Coppola CEO and winemaking chief. “[We] are committed to the community long-term, and we’ll continue to prove our dedication through meaningful connections, philanthropy and high-quality winemaking.”

The Domaine de Broglie tasting room offers gorgeous exterior views over the Willamette Valley, with an enhanced interior reflecting a classical elegance of the Noble family de Broglie, as interpreted by Francis Ford Coppola. New art, ambient design and a fireplace evoke a welcoming atmosphere.

Francis Ford Coppola continues to be driven by curiosity and a passion for learning. Embracing a childhood nickname, “Science,” he has always revered technology and engineering. A special section tucked away within the tasting room honors its namesake, showcasing items related to Louis de Broglie and his work and several members of his family known for their contributions to physics, such as Louis’ brother, Maurice de Broglie, who specialized in X-ray research also as a physicist.

A downstairs event room continues the history, wonder and awe of classic France with memorabilia from the 1966 French-American film “Is Paris Burning?” Francis Ford Coppola co-wrote the movie with Gore Vidal, based on a non-fiction book exposing the story of the 1944 Paris liberation. The extraordinary cast included Kirk Douglas, Orson Welles, Leslie Caron and Glenn Ford; the important Citroën automobile movie prop will be a centerpiece on display.

“As guests get to know us, the Domaine de Broglie legacy, and the complete property experience, they’ll see good storytelling is authentic to The Family Coppola, but even more important is our commitment to quality winemaking,” says Dave Petterson, Domaine de Broglie general manager and winemaker. “We attribute the seamless transition to our dedicated teams and the substantial support from the community.”

The Family Coppola acquisition of the property — formerly Vista Hills Vineyard — was first announced in late 2018. Domaine de Broglie wine is available in its new tasting room and online ( The brand has released three 2017 estate Pinot Noirs named for their respective blocks and clones: Block C–Clone 777; Block G–Pommard Clone; and Block B–Clone 114. Additionally, the 2017 Pinot Noir Dundee Hills wine is a blend of multiple blocks. Archimedes Cab will also be available at the Dundee Hills tasting room, 6475 N.E. Hilltop Lane, Dayton.

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