Rays of Chardonnay

Panel selects shining examples of classic white

Eola Hills Wine Cellars 2014 Everyday Extraordinary Oregon Chardonnay

This wine would hit the spot on a hot day with inviting aromas of iced tea laced with pear, peach and tangerine. The fruit-forward palate presents notes of citrus and lightly sweetened pear syrup. A silky jasmine-infused texture gently leads in to a grassy-flavored mid-palate, transforming into bright acidity toward the finish. The acid evaporates with a drying effect, justifying that next sip you were already craving.
$13.99; 3,719 cases

A to Z Wineworks 2014 Oregon Chardonnay

On the nose, this unoaked wine offers a confected mélange of rose, marzipan and candied orange peel. The citrus notes create a zesty, brightly lifted palate with ripe apple and pear flavors and a lemon curd finish — creamy textured with a lemony bite.
$15; 35,335 cases

St. Innocent 2014 Freedom Hill Vineyard Willamette Valley Chardonnay

Aromas of toasted walnuts with just a touch of sweetness blend with apple cider to entice. On the palate, this wine manages juicy yet crisp, sharp yet creamy, lively and slightly bittersweet all at the same time, plus an impressively long finish.
$26; 1,396 cases

REX HILL 2013 Seven Soils Willamette Valley Chardonnay

Subtle oaky notes enrich the nose showing crisp lemon-lime, apple and floral aromas. A mouth-coating, almost-oily texture and a bite of grapefruit persist through a long finish of citrus and ripe apple — crisp yet mellow — flavors.
$33; 598 cases

Left Coast Cellars 2015 Truffle Hill Willamette Valley Chardonnay

The group consensus after writing more descriptive notes was simply: “Buy it. Drink it. Don’t ask questions.” This wine is approachable and doesn’t require overthinking, yet it is anything but boring. Floral notes blend with hints of lime, baked pear, lemon oil, juicy nectarine and a satisfying finish.
$24; 1,465 cases

OWP tasting panel has selected these wines based on overall quality and value within their respective categories. Wine must be: 1) produced by an Oregon winery; 2) currently available to consumers. Recommended wines were selected using a double-blind method and a 20-point ranking system for appearance, aroma, taste, balance and finish.

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