Cellar Selects: June 2019

Summer Sippin': Sauv Blanc, Viognier and more

Puffin Brand 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Willamette Valley

You’ve heard of the whole enchilada? Well, this is the whole peach. The sun-warmed fuzzy skin, the ripe juice dripping down your arm, the earthy taste as you scrape your teeth across the pit. Grassy, herbal aromas, sweet-tart juiciness of grapefruit on the palate, and a pleasantly bitter flower petal finish round out the delicious taste experience. $22; 100 cases

J. Scott Cellars 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Oregon

All pretty smells: peach, sweet grass, cantaloupe and kiwi.  These aromas offer an encore on the palate, along with apricot and grapefruit, and ending in a fresh, fruity finish. $18; 300 cases

King Estate Winery 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Oregon

A memory-evoking wine: home-canned peaches like Grandma made, fresh-mown grass, the scent of morning dew on a newly prepped spring garden bed. Drool-worthy acid on the palate with zesty lemon, tart lime, herbal grassiness and lemon verbena. $19; 2,517 cases

Melrose Vineyards 2017 Estate-Grown Sauvignon Blanc, Umpqua Valley

The fresh spring scents of sunshine in a meadow — wildflowers and sweet grass — with aromatic jasmine and the green lift of lime. Very bright and pleasantly puckering on the palate with tart lemon-lime, a light minerality, a hint of bitter pine on the finish and an overall refreshing effect. $22; 185 cases

Sweet Cheeks 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, Umpqua Valley

Maybe Kermit thought “it’s not easy being green,” but this Sauvignon Blanc disagrees with its enticing aromas of fresh grass, lemon, lime and green melon rind.  Lots of acid and body support grass, citrus and herbal notes with a slick, mouth-coating texture. $20; 657 cases

La Randonnée 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Yamhill-Carlton

Summer dessert aromas of Meyer lemon curd and lemon custard pie lead to additional lemon on the palate but with a savory presentation. The flavor of salt-preserved lemons and a bit of mineral petrol creates a refreshing taste with verve. Perfect for warm weather. $22; 62 cases

Dobbes Family Estate 2017 Crater View Vineyard Grenache Blanc, Rogue Valley

Subtle yet lovely floral aromas of rose, orange blossom and honeysuckle are grounded with an undertone of stone-y minerality and the richness of brioche. The palate presents a perfect balance of viscosity and freshness, showcasing flavors of spicy Asian pear, juicy tangerine, more minerality, fresh grass and a hint of lilac. $26; 530 cases

J. Scott Cellars 2017 Viognier, Rogue Valley

Thick aromas of waxy yellow apple, buttery graham cracker crust, tangerine and marzipan predicts the dry, creamy textured palate.  Flavors of lemon tart, marzipan and warm, freshly grated nutmeg are balanced with bitter orange. $20; 150 cases

Ledger David 2017 Viognier, Rogue Valley

Lusciously tropical on the nose with aromas of caramelized upside-down pineapple cake, orange, papaya and mango. The flavors repeat on the palate with a taste of the tropics. Plus, expect all the acid you need, a light taste of bergamot and a pithy end enticing you to sip again. $23; 218 cases

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