Cellar Selects: August 2019

German and Alsatian Whites

Wy’East Vineyards 2016 “Tilly Jane” Davidson Hill Vineyard Riesling, Columbia Gorge

Aromatic with subtle petrol, fresh perfumed lilacs, hard apple cider and honey graham crackers. Semi-sweet and balanced with green apple tartness contributing to an acidic crispness. Fruit profile transitions from pear to honeyed apricot to Meyer lemon on the finish. $22; 69 cases

William Rose 2018 Riesling, Oregon

A coy little nose suggesting fresh lime, warm orange blossom and wild honeysuckle. Off-dry and slightly effervescent with a super juiciness of lemon-lime, grapefruit, tangerine and peach. Sweet and tart flavors tumble over the palate taking turns at the forefront, lifting each other through a lingering finish, at once both velvety and fresh. $22; 201 cases

Stave & Stone Wine Estates 2018 Van Horn Vineyard Riesling, Columbia Gorge

Crusty baked yeast roll and fresh lemon make for inviting aromas. The slightly sweeter side of off-dry, like the tangy sweetness of a lemon bar with a tart twist. Tangerine and nectarine meet wild honey, all with the zing of a little spritz.
$24; 132 cases

Maryhill Winery 2017 Milbrandt Vineyard Riesling, Columbia Valley

The sweetest in this month’s selections yet well-balanced. Juicy orange, ripe pear, fresh honeysuckle and sugar cane entice the nose. Aromas transition to the palate and are joined with a blend of pineapple and juicy pear. Minerality triumphs on the finish, creating a clean, sweet memory. $17; 623 cases

Trella Vineyards 2016 Gewürztraminer, Umpqua Valley

Living up to its spicy name with a pronounced nose of clove and ginger, plus dried fruit — banana chips and candied orange — and the nuttiness of walnuts and salted cashews. The nose repeats on the palate along with spiced orange tea, cinnamon and allspice. Sweet with a viscous texture and a long flavor-filled finish. $24; 124 cases


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