Cool Summer

Chill with Rhône- and Loire-style whites

La Randonnée 2016 Russell-Grooters Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, Yamhill Carlton

Light tropical aromas of banana, honeysuckle, lime blossom and white peach combine with comforting notes of warm, fruit-filled muffins. A great summer sipper with a full body, bright citrus acidity and prominent flavors of lime, grapefruit and orange zest.
$22; 70 cases

Sweet Cheeks 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, Umpqua Valley

On the nose, peach, freshly sliced pear and pineapple mingle with green high notes of grass and lime. Flavors of zesty, fresh pine, peachy goodness and a compelling floral spice add to its overall complexity and balance.
$20; 67 cases

Reustle-Prayer Rock Vineyards 2016 Estate Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc, Umpqua Valley

This one is for those who love a tart Sauvignon Blanc. The nose is a pretty mix of orange, pineapple, lime, green apple, banana and flowers. These aromas repeat on the palate and present a puckery green tang and a burst of acidity mid-palate.
$23; 385 cases

Season Cellars 2015 Viognier, Southern Oregon

White peach, orange blossom, lime, marzipan, tangerine, green melon, soothingly viscous. Then … what was that? A surprising slight peppery (acidic) bite at the end. Makes you want to bite it back ... well, after another sip.
$22; 295 cases

South Stage Cellars 2014 Romeo & Juliet, Marsanne/Roussanne, Southern Oregon

All the aromas of an apple pie but served deconstructed as in a fancy restaurant.  A baked apple slice sits askew of a dollop of crème fraîche with a drizzle of vanilla. The cinnamon stick is placed to the side for you to wave over your plate. Seriously, this wine smells homey and delicious. Balanced to a point where you don’t even consider the structure, the wine’s flavors of fresh tangerine and a bitter yet spicy orange zest finish add to the overall delight.
$26; 114 cases

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