Canna-Choco Wine Pairings

A tasty, unusual combination


By infusing the finest chocolate with CBD derived from the bark of an invasive pine tree, Grön Deepest Darkest Chocolate Bar perfects indulgence that’s the result of some epic, game-changing science. gronchocolate.com

Chalice Farms

Chalice Farms’ edibles are made with the purest form of THC oil but without the cannabis taste. The homemade Milk Chocolate Toffee is a satisfyingly rich treat that even Grandma would be tempted to taste. A classic recipe made with only the purest ingredients. chalicefarms.com


Made with Guittard chocolate and local ingredients, Blaze makes edibles a breeze with break-apart serving sizes, ensuring the right amount for a good time. On the palate, the Oregon Blueberry and Hazelnut Chocolate could be mistaken for a blueberry chocolate chip muffin. Delicious. blazepremium.com

Leif Goods

Leif Goods’ culinary-inspired chocolates are crafted from organic, fair trade, vegan-certified cacao. The perfect combo of sweet, rich and salty, CBD Salted Chocolate is topped with charcoal-infused Black Diamond flake sea salt from Bitterman Salt Co. leifgoods.com


Pretty inside and out, Wyld chocolates are packaged in single servings, making them great for people on the go. The Blood Orange White Chocolate is enhanced with sativa terpenes, energizing the taste experience. wyldcanna.com


Leif Goods plays up the fun with its Junk line. The vegan Marshmallow Bon-Bons! are eye candy and then some. The chocolate-coated puffs of deliciousness topped with chocolate salt melt in your mouth for a squishy, fuzzy, fun ride. junkworldwide.com


Where to find: Chalice Farms cannabis products are grown “using cutting-edge proprietary methods and state-of-the-art closed-environment gardens, carefully monitored in every way. The resulting purity in the harvested plants is remarkable. All plants are processed to medical-grade standards as they undergo stringent evaluations and testing at every stage of the process, from the plant to your hand.”
1178 N. Highway 99W, Dundee – plus five other locations; chalicefarms.com


The Green Heart “exists to positively impact our health and wellness industry and its supporting agricultural communities locally and around the world. Our purpose is to provide educational experiences with responsibly crafted and carefully curated products through our holistic health franchise. Our heart is in everything we do.”
1500 S.W. Baker Street, McMinnville; thegreenheartoregon.com


Family-owned and -operated, New Leaf Midtown “takes pride in stocking the Willamette Valley with best quality cannabis and cannabis products for both medicinal and recreational customers. Carefully curated and always sourced with intention. We provide safe access and helpful knowledge to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest in this ever-changing world of cannabis.”
2215 N.E. Evans Street, McMinnville; newleafmidtown.com

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