The Big Question

With romance in the February air, OWP asks: What is the most romantic wine experience you’ve ever had?

OWP polls members of the Oregon wine industry with one query each month.

"My most romantic wine experience has to be getting married here at Sweet Cheeks Winery. It was August 18, 2007, just before sunset at the point of the patio overlooking the vineyard. We used a special unreleased wine in our ceremony and have cellared a case of it so that we can open one every year for 10 years." Kacy Minnis, Sweet Cheeks Winery

"One of the most romantic wine experiences I’ve had was on the beach in Lincoln City. Roads End is a state park there with a stunning view of the coastline. A cold but clear afternoon, my boyfriend and I built a fire with driftwood we’d gathered together while walking the coast. Settling in to watch the sunset, we opened a bottle of 2006 Roads End Pinot Noir from Carlton Cellars that we toasted to a great day. Savoring each sip as we watched the sun slip below the horizon, it was a beautifully romantic experience." Jessica Smith, Carlton Cellars

"Love the question. So many from which to choose and many involving Pinot Noir. For me, it would be sharing a bottle of Burgundy at Hotel Eden Rock in Saint Barths with my husband on our honeymoon. Amazing views with my favorite person and variety." Dixie Lee Huey, Trellis Growth Partners

"Robin and I went to Bandon and took a cozy bungalow on the beach for our honeymoon 20 years ago.  A dear friend had given us a bottle of Torres Gran Coronas Reserva 1970 as a wedding gift. That honeymoon night, when we opened it in the cabin, the aroma filled the room.  Robin poured the wine into our glasses, looked at me lovingly and said, “Too bad there isn't anyone here we can share it with.” He was serious. Best wine we ever had — and I've never let him forget that statement!" Danuta Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer Vineyards


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