Chris and Theo on the ATV with Ditto leading the way.

Balancing Act

Child, work, home, Netflix, etc.

By Hilary Berg

I didn’t inherit the best balance. Doing yoga, I look like one of those inflatable tube characters flapping in front of a car lot or tax shop. Not a pretty sight. I prefer standing on both feet with plenty of room for error. No tree pose for me.

Of course, balance entails more than the equal distribution of weight. Juggling work and family can be just as challenging, especially in summer.

With school on break and camps either too expensive or sold out, my son has been spending a lot of time in his room watching YouTube on his tablet and playing video games. Theo’s 11, so he’d prefer to do only that, but it’s not healthy, I know.

Where is mom? Mostly at work, in my physical office, where I can concentrate and make the most of my time. Otherwise, I get too easily sidetracked hanging with Theo or sweeping the floor — the moment the sun hits the window just right revealing every speck of dust always steals my attention. Honestly, it’s not about being a busy body, but rather a means to procrastinate. Working from home is as distracting as a group text while watching the latest episode of “Virgin River” — Netflix, please renew this show; I need to know who is the father of Mel’s baby.

Sorry to digress. I got distracted.

Like anyone raised Catholic, I feel guilty a lot, especially about spending time in my cubicle while my son’s at home. Fortunately, Theo is the world’s most avid homebody. There is no place he’d rather be. And thankfully, my husband is a great dad. When I’m not home during the day, Chris selflessly takes breaks from the winery and vineyard to engage Theo, outside. The latest is fishing at a neighbor’s pond stocked with mouthy bass. Taking care of the chickens, swimming at the Carlton pool and rides on the ATV — literally as I write this (see photo) — are also popular diversions.

Chris picking up the slack won’t solve my inability to balance, but it definitely helps. They say it takes a village. I totally agree.

Thank god for my tribe, small but mighty, making it through the dog days of summer the best we can.

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