Phil-ing Your Fall Pantry

Locally made hazelnut products

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur

Handcrafted by McMenamins, Phil Hazelnut Liqueur is an unaged wheat whiskey flavored with hazelnuts from an orchard located less than 10 minutes from the distillery. The filbert flavor is quite prominent– sip it on ice, enjoy over ice cream or create a cocktail such as Cosmic Coffee. 30% alcohol by volume, 60 proof.
$20.50 (375ml bottle)

Sweet & Salty Hazelnuts

Portland-based Albina City Nuts’ first– and most popular– product combines honey and cinnamon with ancho chiles and sea salt with hazelnuts grown in the Willamette Valley. Sweet and savory at its best. Great for cheese boards, after-school snacks and even on the hiking trail.
$6 (3-ounce bag)

Pear & Hazelnut Jam

Pears and hazelnuts… who imagined what a perfect marriage they are? Hood River-based Oregon Growers combine Bartlett pears with hazelnuts and lemon zest into a fruit spread with a touch of sweetness. Crunchy and smooth, the jam is ideal on sandwiches, cheese boards and in thumbprint cookies. $7.25 (12-ounce jar)

Hazelnut oil

Sixth-generation farming family, Denfelds, partnered with the
Warings, creating Laurel Foods, based in the small town of the same name. The nuts are harvested and processed on-site by this vertically-integrated company. Use in marinades, drizzle over tomato soup, popcorn and chocolate gelato.
$14.99 (250ml bottle)

Hazelnut Butter Bliss

Using only four ingredients: roasted hazelnuts, sunflower oil, organic raw honey and sea salt, hazelnuts are the star of the show in Hazelnut Butter Bliss. With a finely crunchy texture, make an elevated PB&J sandwich, add to a peach cobbler or just eat by the spoonful. Produced in Oregon City, it’s dairy, gluten, peanut and GMO-free.
$10 (9-ounce jar)

Marionberry Chocolate Covered Oregon Hazelnuts

Premium Growers was founded by three men who met while attending Gervais High School, eventually becoming business partners through their love of hazelnuts. After growing and harvesting their orchards, the nuts are coated in Marionberry-flavored milk chocolate. Pop a few in your mouth when craving a sweet snack with a boost of protein.
$12.99 (5-ounce bag)


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