Pack it Up

Nifty products designed to transport wine with ease

Fly With Wine VinGardeValise wine suitcase

No doubt, this is the safest way to fly with your special wines in tow. The tank-like outer shell Is extremely durable with smooth wheels, makes it easy to roll. Even with the case fully loaded, I navigated through the airport with agility! Unzip to discover both sides contain dense foam with various-sized bottle cut-outs, each snug enough to gently cradle a bottle of wine. This wine suitcase is particularly handy when flying Alaska Airlines with their Wine Flies Free program.
flywithwine.com, $380

Yeti ROADIE® 60 wheeled cooler

Rugged and easy to transport, this cooler holds a lot of food and wine (or beer). With its tall design, wine can be stored vertically, even nestled on a layer of ice. Before adding ice, I can fit 15 bottles of Pinot Noir, all standing upright. The walls must be insulated with magic because the ice doesn’t melt for days. Sturdy latches, big wheels and a telescoping handle make this my go-to cooler. It includes a dry goods basket, and Yeti sells other practical accessories, including a divider, exterior two cup holder and a mountable bottle opener.
yeti.com, $500

Tirrinia 4 bottle wine cooler tote

This insulated canvas tote is perfect for beach parties and picnics. It fits four bottles, each separated by a padded divider. Or carry two wine glasses with two bottles of wine. Remove the divider, add some ice packs and the tote doubles as a soft cooler. With a detachable, padded strap, reinforced where it fastens to the bag, it’s both practical and well-made. Tirrinia sells two, three and six bottle versions too.
tirrinia.net, $40

WineSkin Basics reusable bottle transport bag

Traveling with just one bottle of wine? You might be familiar with this brand and their single-use bags. Now they offer a reusable version, great to protect your wine– and clothes. Made with a bubble packaging interior and thick-grade vinyl, the new “bag within a bag” design features a re-sealable Velcro closure. Consider WineSkins an inexpensive form of insurance in the event your wine bottle is broken by the luggage handlers.
wineskin.net, $8

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