Marionberry Madness

Make your summer berry, berry good

Wild Roots Marionberry vodka
Each bottle is infused with over one pound of berries, creating a deep-colored vodka packed with flavors of Marionberries, blackberries and tayberries. A corn base tempers the tart berry notes, contributing richness and complexity to the long, fruity finish. Add to a pitcher of lemonade for a refreshing adult beverage. This Marionberry vodka is also great in a Moscow mule or martini. Visit their Portland tasting room and sample many more infused vodkas and gins.
$33; 750 ml. bottle

Honeywood Oregon Marionberry wine
Sample Oregon’s illustrious state berry crafted into wine by a Salem winery started in 1933, the year Prohibition was repealed. In fact, Honeywood is our state’s oldest winery. Ruby red with notes of Marionberries, blackberries and cherry liqueur, this wine is pleasantly sweet, yet, also tart. Sip it from a wine glass or mix with sparkling water for a low-alcohol drink. It also makes a delicious base for a simple (and easy) berry sangria.
$13; 750 ml. bottle

Meraviglioso Winery Marionberry Dessert Wine
Terry and Becky Potter named their Newberg winery Meraviglioso, the Italian word meaning wonderful. Their estate vineyard is planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but visitors can also sample Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon and a Port-like Marionberry dessert wine. Bursting with aromas and flavors of Marionberries, blackberries, black plums and red cherries, this dessert wine makes a delightful post-dinner indulgence. Drink it with Rogue Creamery’s Rogue River Blue cheese for an unforgettable pairing.
$24; 375 ml. bottle

Portland Syrups Marionberry syrup
Made in small batches, Portland Syrups combines Marionberries and blackberries for a concentrated, versatile syrup that delivers a wallop of berry flavor. Savory qualities mingle with Marionberry and black cherry, perfect for lower-sugar homemade sodas, mocktails and cocktails. A mere capful is all it takes to add ripe Marionberry flavors to your beverage of choice. Don’t limit it solely to drinks– try drizzling the syrup over ice cream.
$14; 12 fl. oz. bottle


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