June 2024 Cellar Selects: June Blooms

Rhône-and Loire-style whites sure to wet your whistle

Terra Vina Wines 2022 Chenin Blanc, Columbia Valley (panel pick)
Immerse yourself in the invigorating scent of fresh rain, conjuring the crispness of a dew-kissed garden. The luscious sweetness of honeydew melon dances alongside bright lemongrass and crisp green apples, contributing a refreshing tang. Juicy casaba melon adds a succulent fruitiness, while the broad, expansive mouthfeel envelops the palate, creating a luxurious sensation with a touch of nuttiness on the viscous finale. $30

Balsall Creek 2021 Sauvignon Blanc, Chehalem Mountains
This wine’s bouquet begins with lychee and honeydew melon combined with lime zest, toasted marshmallows and the playful whimsy of juju bees and jelly beans. Subtle hints of gravel dust add a touch of earthiness before tropical fruit flavors burst onto the palate. Lychee, pineapple and guava create a luxurious sensation. Tart and mouthwatering, each sip is refreshing with a long, satisfying finish. $45

Abacela 2023 Viognier, Umpqua Valley
Honeysuckle flowers greet the nose while nostalgic aromas of Bubblicious gum lend playfulness. Layers of indulgence unfold with notes of Boston cream pie filling, conjuring the decadence of dessert. Flavors of succulent apricots and white peaches join bright acidity, enlivening the palate. Hints of ginger contribute spicy complexity to a broad mouthfeel with a lingering finish reminiscent of banana cream. $28

Sweet Cheeks Winery 2023 Sauvignon Blanc, Oregon
The vibrant bouquet first presents indulgent aromas of passionfruit and lemon curd, developing into fruit cocktail and tart-sweet kumquats. Restrained mineral notes and a touch of salinity evoke the essence of the sea. Repeating on the palate, crisp green apples and jasmine supply a refreshing contrast. A light, slight spritziness lends a playful touch, invigorating the palate with each sip. $29

King Estate Winery 2022 Sauvignon Blanc, Oregon
Delight in the invigorating aromas of raindrops, zesty limes and spicy ginger, evoking memories of sunny days and cool breezes. Flavors erupt with a burst of tropical passionfruit and ginger, followed closely by tart limes and refreshing lemongrass. This wine’s mouthwatering acidity energizes the palate, while its lingering tartness leaves a satisfying and puckering finish. $20

Chris James Cellars, 2023 Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Yamhill-Carlton
Dive into fragrant citrus aromas of sun-ripened lemons and Mexican limes. Herbal lemongrass, sweet honeysuckle flower and passionfruit intertwine with citrus notes as they evolve into flavors of casaba melon, fruit cocktail syrup and lemon zest. A drizzle of honey stick adds viscosity, enveloping the palate with an impression of opulence. $30

51 Weeks Winemaking 2021 VMR, Columbia Valley (45% Viognier, 39% Marsanne, 16% Roussanne)
Mouthwatering aromas of lime zest and freshly squeezed Key lime juice awaken the senses, followed closely by subtle hints of new tennis shoes and wet stone. The aromatics persist on the palate, notes of delicate honeysuckle flowers beautifully complement the abundant citrus notes. Embark on a journey of discovery and enjoyment with each refreshing sip of this white blend. $26

Quady North 2022 Pistoleta, Rogue Valley (31% Viognier, 29% Roussanne, 25% Marsanne, 10% Grenache Blanc, 5% Vermentino)
Delicate jasmine and gardenia flowers grace the air with floral elegance while orange blossoms add a touch of sweetness. Tropical fruits dance in the background, hinting the arrival of exotic flavors. Fragrant jasmine and green tea add layers of flavorful complexity. Tart Mexican limes and lemon curd, balanced by a hint of honey, culminate with an invigorating conclusion. $20

AniChe Cellars 2023 Baba Yaga, Boushey Vineyards, Yakima Valley (70% Grenache Blanc, 30% Picpoul)
Earthy scents of fresh rain mingle with dusty notes, evoking the essence of a summer storm. The playful sweetness of bubblegum develops into a citrusy burst of lemon and lime zest. Orange peel, tangy kumquats and lime zest tickle the tongue while lemongrass and ripe honeydew melon add a satisfying contrast. The vibrant flavors conclude with a bold, mouthwatering finale. $30

Cooper Ridge Vineyard 2022 Viognier, Riverview Vineyard, Umpqua Valley
The captivating bouquet begins with apricots and peaches, suggesting the warmth of a summer orchard. Invigorating scents of fresh rain add a refreshing crispness, while banana transports you to exotic shores. Banana taffy and lychee fruit supply a tropical twist, while apricots add depth and complexity. The wine’s light body allows the flavors to shine, while a long, satisfying finish leaves a lasting impression of extravagance. $28

33 wines evaluated

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Requirements: Wine must be: 1) Produced by an Oregon winery (wineries from Washington side of Columbia Gorge AVA or Washington side of Walla Walla Valley AVA also allowed); 2) Currently available to consumers. Selection process: Led by a wine industry expert, the OWP tasting panel selects wines based on overall quality within their respective categories. Recommended wines are selected using a double-blind method and a multipoint ranking system for appearance, aroma, taste, balance and finish. To the best of our knowledge, they are currently available in the marketplace.

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