July 2024 Cellar Selects: All Day Rosé

Celebrate Summer with these Pink Wines

Balsall Creek 2022 Rosé of Gamay Noir, Chehalem Mountains (panel pick)
An intriguing blend of citrus and earthy aromas starting with kumquats, grapefruit and gravel dust. Red licorice and blood orange supply additional vibrancy. Flavors of strawberries, strawberry leaf and watermelon rind join passionfruit and orange peel. This rosé has a refreshing, crisp mouthfeel, characterized by bright acidity and pronounced tartness. Prominent mineral notes add complex depth to a long, mouthwatering finale. $40

Mt. Hood Winery 2023 Pinot Noir Rosé, Vanhorn Vineyard, Columbia Gorge
Delightfully fruity, this rosé opens with refreshing, juicy aromas of watermelon, strawberry jam and red cherries. Raspberries supply a vibrant, slightly tart note while welcoming delightfully nostalgic flavors of strawberry sorbet, red licorice and cherry snow cone. It possesses a smooth, luscious mouthfeel with balanced sweetness and a pleasant, candy-like finish, inviting another sip. $28

Peter Williams Vineyard, 2023 Grenache Rosé, Rogue Valley
Slightly herbaceous aromas of strawberry leaf precede juicy watermelon, ripe strawberries and lemon verbena. Rosehips contribute subtle, floral flavors and hints of lemon zest add an invigorating note. Apricots supply complexity, while watermelon adds a thirst-quenching quality. The overall profile, vibrant and tangy, creates an exhilarating tasting experience culminating in a lingering rose water ending. $24

Del Rio Vineyards 2023 Estate Grenache Rosé, Rogue Valley
The nose opens with a vibrant medley of red fruits: cranberries, strawberries and raspberries. A subtle hint of crushed stone adds an earthy component, grounding the fruit-forward bouquet. The palate continues showcasing its red fruit profile, joined by tangy rhubarb and sweet mixed berry Kool-Aid. A rich, broad mouthfeel grows soft and viscous with each sip of this fruity, well-rounded rosé. $21

ROCO Winery 2023 Rosé, Willamette Valley (75% Pinot Noir, 20% Pinot Meunier, 5% Chardonnay)
Fruity scents of strawberries and zesty lemons unite with tart green apples, petrol and hints of sea air. Granny Smith apples translate to sharp, crisp flavor foundation while raspberries lend a sweet-tart fruitiness. Sour cherries and underripe strawberries enhance the tartness, while chalky notes introduce a mineral aspect, adding texture plus complexity to a lingering conclusion that invites contemplation. $30

Domaine Willamette 2020 Brut Rosé Méthode Traditionnelle sparkling wine, Willamette Valley
Aromas of sweet strawberries and cream transform into tart pomegranate, grapefruit zest, and sour cherries. The fruity notes are rounded out by scents of fresh bread’s warm, yeasty undertones. The wine weaves a lively and refreshing tapestry of red fruit flavors on the palate: raspberries, strawberries, sour and Bing cherries. Delicate bubbles add fanciful texture, complementing the vivacious fruit flavors and satisfying conclusion. $79

Coeur de Terre Vineyard 2023 Rustique Rosé wine (60% Syrah, 40% Pinot Noir), McMinnville
Luscious scents of raspberry jam and Bing cherries precede red licorice, adding a layer of confectionery intrigue. Jammy raspberry flavors mingle with the zesty brightness of lemon. The pronounced tartness is reminiscent of Smarties candies and Sour Patch Kids, supplying a playful and tangy aspect. Bing cherries and pink lady apple add a crisp, sweet-tart, mouth-watering sensation and lingering finish. $24

King Estate 2023 Rosé of Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley
Invigorating citrus and floral notes introduce zesty grapefruit, Bing cherries and underripe apricots. Fresh rain minerality adds an earthy dimension, while delicate orange blossoms impart sweet, floral elegance. Flavors of grapefruit, lemon zest and kumquats ensure a tart citrus experience. Sour cherries add a juicy element to the crisp, refreshing mouthfeel with bright acidity and a dynamic, engaging texture. $20

Cória Estates 2023 Rosé of Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley
An aroma of butterscotch is quickly followed by fresh mandarin oranges, sour cherries and earthy gravel dust. On the palate, a dynamic interplay of citrus and mineral notes begins with orange zest joined by white chalk dust and tart grapefruit. Drying tannins lend structure. A mineral-rich mouthfeel with distinctive spicy ginger lingers on the palate, making it an ideal pairing with diverse cuisines. $26

Chris James Cellars 2023 Black Muscat, Columbia Valley
A heady, intoxicating bouquet of floral and sweet notes combines jasmine and honeysuckle flowers with delicate, spring-like scents of lilacs, violets and wisteria. The unexpected, yet delightful aroma of strawberry Pop-Tarts introduces a playful nostalgia that repeats on the palate. Joined by honey stick, starfruit and raspberry syrup, this rosé has a whimsical, dessert-like quality that ties together all the elements. $30

Oak Knoll Winery 2023 Rosé of Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley
Enticingly sweet aromas of ripe strawberries and red cherries are complemented by crushed stone minerality and strawberries and cream. The wine opens with juicy Bing cherries and tart lemon curd, balanced by a warm hint of cinnamon, adding spicy complexity. Cherry Jell-O introduces a sweet, youthful element, while rich, concentrated flavors of strawberry jam deepen the fruity profile through a persistent conclusion. $30

Weisinger Family Winery 2023 Grenache Rosé, Meadowlark Vineyard, Rogue Valley
A bouquet of Fruity Pebbles cereal evokes whimsical childhood memories while newly fallen rain adds a clean, rejuvenating element. Cranberry syrup and earthy minerality introduce a symphony of red fruit flavors. Dominated by strawberries, Bing, red and sour cherries, citrusy ruby red grapefruit and lemon zest play supporting roles. A suggestion of ginger adds a spicy kick to the lively, invigorating mouthwatering mouthfeel and finish. $28

Andante Vineyard 2023 Rosé of Pinot Noir, Van Duzer Corridor
Fresh strawberries join candy-like scents of strawberry Starburst, adding a fun, nostalgic twist. Grapefruit and tangerine zest deliver a citrusy freshness, while delicate blooming roses whisper elegance. The aromatics repeat on the palate, harmoniously joined by zippy acidity, tart rosehips and a lasting finale of strawberries. What a versatile choice for many occasions, from casual summer gatherings to more refined dining. $28

Naumes Family Vineyards 2023 Pinot Noir Rosé, Rogue Valley
With a bright, inviting nose, this rosé smells like pink grapefruit, rhubarb, ripe Bing cherries and fresh rain. Red and black cherry flavors supply a sweet foundation, while raspberries and cranberries add a vibrant, mouthwatering experience. Cherry cola magnifies the overall fruitiness while tart notes engage the palate, further enhancing each sip. With its satisfying fruit-forward conclusion, this wine leaves a memorable impression. $30

Project M Wines 2023 Acclara Sparkling Rosé, Willamette Valley
The vibrant nose commences with tart cranberries while ripe kumquats and tangerine oil lend a citrusy lift. Wet stone introduces a clean, mineral quality, followed by flavors of tangy rhubarb, cranberries and ripe strawberries and red cherries. Saltwater taffy introduces a playful sweetness with a touch of salinity. The wine has a refreshing and slightly tart mouthfeel, accentuated by soft, gentle bubbles, supplying an airy texture to the crisp, lively palate. $35

71 Wines Evaluated

Requirements: Wine must be: 1) Produced by an Oregon winery (wineries from Washington side of Columbia Gorge AVA or Washington side of Walla Walla Valley AVA also allowed); 2) Currently available to consumers. Selection process: Led by a wine industry expert, the OWP tasting panel selects wines based on overall quality within their respective categories. Recommended wines are selected using a double-blind method and a multipoint ranking system for appearance, aroma, taste, balance and finish. To the best of our knowledge, they are currently available in the marketplace.

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