February 2024 Cellar Selects: Unexpected Delights

Venture beyond Pinot with these reds

PANEL PICK: Terra Vina 2021 Trio Red Blend (42% Grenache, 39% Syrah, 19% Mourvèdre), Columbia Valley

A true journey of the senses offering a distinctive and captivating blend of flavors. From the spicy kick of Aleppo peppers to the luscious sweetness of black cherries and red licorice, each taste unveils a new dimension. The long finish and grippy tannins contribute to its overall character, ending in a unique and satisfyingly persistent finale. $40

Red Lily Vineyards 2020 Thin Line Estate Reserve Tempranillo, Applegate Valley

Bursting with enticing scents of blueberries and black licorice, accompanied by a touch of vanilla. Intriguing notes of gingerbread and black raspberries add dimension. Blueberries, red and black plums dance on the palate while cinnamon contributes a touch of spice. The wine concludes with a lingering resolution and flavors of blueberries, vanilla and a hint of spicy Red Hots. $50 

Troon Vineyard 2022 Druid’s Red Blend, Applegate Valley

Well-balanced with abundant notes of tart cranberries and rhubarb layered with ripe raspberries, cherries and strawberries. Racy and light, the focus is on bright acidity with a fruity expression. The wine, with its approachable structure, is perfect for casual enjoyment– bringing joy with every sip. $25

Abacela 2020 Estate Fault Line Vineyards Tannat, Umpqua Valley

This impeccable balance of red raspberries, vanilla and black licorice proceeds into a smooth, velvety texture. A highly complicated and elegant wine evolving as it opens. The wine concludes with a long and lingering finish, allowing the flavors of sweet cherries, vanilla and a subtle hint of tobacco to persist. $34

Long Walk Vineyard 2021 Field Notes Red Wine, Rogue Valley

The medium-bodied wine showcases an ideal balance between its sweet red cherry and raspberry fruit characters and refreshing acidity. Though delicate, it exhibits an earthy depth with layered aromas and flavors of cherry cola and mushrooms, ensuring an engaging tasting experience. $30

The Pines 1852 2021 The Pines Vineyard Syrah, Columbia Gorge

The first sip reveals a well-balanced and structured wine with a symphony of flavors. From enticing scents of black plums and violets to indulgent flavors of tart mulberries, decadent chocolate mousse and ripe blueberries, it offers a captivating sensory journey. Highly complex and layered, expect a delightful interplay of sweet, savory and floral notes. $35

Quady North 2019 Mae’s Vineyard Syrah, Applegate Valley

A genuine showcase of sophistication and depth, myriad flavors reveal themselves with time in the glass. From the alluring aromas of Bing cherries and dark chocolate to the complex interplay of oregano, black pepper and red cherries, it boasts a well-structured profile. Balanced acidity and integrated tannins provide a refined cocoa powder mouthfeel, concluding with a lengthy, satisfying finish. $35

Chris James Cellars 2019 Syrah, Columbia Valley

This wine is a true delight, presenting a symphony of flavors unfolding with each sip. From the inviting aromas of baking spices and sliced almonds to luscious, rich flavors of dark chocolate, ripe blueberries and raspberry jam, it offers a satisfying, multi-dimensional experience. The velvety mouthfeel and well-balanced structure make this one to savor. $45

Compris Vineyard 2021 Midnight Journey Syrah, Chehalem Mountains

From the aromatic allure of blackberries and black licorice to the nuanced palate of tart cranberries, cherry pie and cocoa, it displays bright acidity and a long, lingering conclusion, an excellent match for a variety of dishes. Relish the richness and complexity of this exceptional wine. $50

Remy Wines 2021 Kiona Vineyard Sangiovese Riserva, Washington

This charming and lively expression of red fruit, captures the essence of a summer berry medley. Its bright acidity, coupled with delightful aromas of cherry pie, strawberry leaf and fresh herbs, makes it a versatile and enjoyable choice. The wine concludes with a languid finish, leaving a refreshing and fruity aftertaste that invites another sip. $67

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