Drink Like a Winemaker

What are your favorite harvest beverages?

White Claw & High Noon

“My favorite harvest beverage is an ice-cold hard seltzer, usually White Claw or High Noon. They are refreshing, crisp and easy-to-grab… and taste nor smell anything like wine! Throughout harvest, we usually have a stocked fridge with seltzers and beer. That way our crush team can pop a cheers to being done with a beautiful and long harvest day.”

—Aurora Coria, Coria Estates

A.M. Cerberus Coffee P.M. Cutwater Classic Margarita

“Mornings I drink Cerberus Coffee’s Ethiopian Single-Origin Medium/Light Roast. Ground fresh and made at home, pour over style, with extra creamy Chobani Oat Milk and a dash each of Irish Cream and Hazelnut Torani Syrups. My go-to end-of-day drink is Cutwater Classic Margarita, a canned cocktail that’s delicious over ice. I’ve taken a big break from beer because I was just kind of bored and Cutwater seems to be the most balanced with the highest ABV.”

—Sara Garr, Circadian Cellars

Breakside Pilsner

“My favorite beverage during harvest is Breakside Pilsner. It’s the perfect style for me as I tend to gravitate toward lighter drinks during this busy season. The Pilsner’s refreshing taste is incredibly satisfying, and I truly appreciate its lower ABV, which helps me stay sharp. What sets Breakside Pilsner apart for me is its balance and flavor. It’s a prime example of a well-crafted Pilsner– light, crisp and always hits the spot. ”

—Kim Kramer, Kramer Vineyards

Rainier & Coors

“Four cups of black coffee get me going in the morning during harvest. During ferment and press, because we are doing so much tasting, we drink yellow fizzy beer: Rainier and Coors! When we’re harvesting and crushing, I like to bring wines from around the world in the same varietals that we grow. My crew can then build on their perspective of all the grapes from here and other places. I really encourage educational tastings.”

—Devey Michaels, Meadows Estate Vineyard & Winery

A.M. Griffin Creek Coffee Roasters -P.M. Vya Vermouth

“My perfect harvest day always starts with Griffin Creek Coffee Roasters, our unofficial “house brand.” My fav is their Mujeres Cafetera blend, sourced from a women-owned co-op in Colombia. Years ago, I dined at Andy Quady’s home, creator of Vya Vermouth. He stirred Vya Extra Dry Vermouth, gin and a dash of bitters over chiseled ice cubes. Strained into a martini glass, it was the best cocktail I’ve ever had. As I carefully measure out the spirits and stir with ice, it’s both a reward for a long harvest day and a nod to the traditions that I humbly build upon every day as a winemaker.”

—Nichole Schulte, Barrel 42 Custom Winecraft (a custom crush facility)

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